Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

top 10 free plagiarism checker tools

Today, with the development of Technology and Internet facilities, we get access to a lot of information at any time we need it and from any place on the earth. Original ideas are getting rarer and rarer. Plagiarism is simply copying other people’s ideas.

It is necessary to check for plagiarism if you want your ideas to be innovative and unique. Plagiarism Checker Tools can help you with that. These tools are both free and paid. Here is a list of free Plagiarism Checker Tools.

Duplichecker :


Duplichecker is a plagiarism checker tool and is free. The tool is user-friendly and it is faster. You don’t want the previous experience to work with this tool. This tool has a basic and functional layout. You can do 50 plagiarism checks in a single day.

It has several format options and has a simple interface. The main features are, it provides content-related automation like grammar and checking to spell. Duplichecker focuses mainly on businesses and provides free access to school students.

PaperRater :

Plagiarism Checker Tools

PaperRater is a free multi-purpose plagiarism tool. This plugin allows you to check the grammar, build vocabulary, check plagiarism, and also has Proof Reader. It provides accurate results in a very short time.

It allows you 5-page submissions free of cost along with grammar and spelling check, writing suggestions tool, and automatic system of scoring. Almost 140 countries use these tools. It also makes use of complex algorithms for checking and analyzing data.

Grammarly :

Plagiarism Checker Tools

Grammarly is a user-friendly free plagiarism checker tool. The main feature of this tool is the Pro Quest database which makes it easier while scanning papers.

You can also get a paid membership to get access to more options. This tool provides real-time suggestions and guidelines for correcting mistakes.

The tool also checks the spelling and makes it error-free. Grammarly also shows the percentage of plagiarized text. You can also scan the document based on document style and makes it more efficient.

QueText :

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

QueText is a free plagiarism detecting tool that is useful mainly for teachers, students, freelance writers, and any content writer. This tool makes use of search and match technology to find duplicate sentences or phrases.

Using this tool, you can upload multiple files and possess the bulk checking of files. This is one of the best among the tools which detects plagiarism and issues a report based on the analysis.

Copyleaks :

 Plagiarism Checker Tools

Copyleaks is a free plagiarism checker in which you can check up to 100 thesis, essays, and research submissions. There is also a free plagiarism checker app provided by Copyleaks making it convenient for the users.

It not only acts as a plagiarism tool but also as a copyright protection tool. A match for similar content is found using an internal database. It also has a business segment that helps in the detection of plagiarism for SEO agencies and publishers. It is more convenient and user-friendly.

Plagiarisma :

Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Scholars, students, teachers, and writers mainly use this tool. The main advantage of this tool is that it works on almost all platforms such as Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Moodle, and Web.

This tool is also like Copyleaks which helps in the detection of copyright infringement in your documents. Plagiarisma also supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar, and Books. The only tool which supports 190+ languages is Plagiarisma.

Plagiarisma supports TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2 file formats. But there is a limit in the number of checks per day. This is one of the simple, convenient, and user-friendly tools.

SmallSEOTools :

 Plagiarism Checker Tools

SmallSEOTools provides you lot of features where you can work lavishly with the provided options. This is a basic plagiarism tool and is free. This is mainly designed with a focus on students.

It checks the plagiarised text in all forms of content. It can be a good option for you if you are looking for a tool to check plagiarism in the web content and also offers a variety of tools. You can also upload documents from the cloud too.

UniCheck :

 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

UniCheck is a free plagiarism checker tool and is cloud-based. Approximately more than 400 institutions worldwide use this plugin. This helps in finding similarities, citations, and references in your text.

Writers, editors, bloggers, and lawyers are the individual users. This provides the facility of storing your documents in the internal library provided.

You can also adjust the check sensitivity by using the global settings and also enables the users to decide whether they need to share their checked documents with the database.

PlagScan :

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

PlagScan is a tool used by academic institutions and is a free plagiarism checker tool. This tool aims to help academic institutions increase awareness among students towards plagiarism and academic integrity.

It compares your documents with all the web documents, journals, and internal archives available on the internet. This tool is also used by business employees in order to improve SEO rankings and to secure the proper usage of copyright material.

This tool aims in ensuring unique content and its protection. It is utilized by publishers, journalists, advertising agencies, and law firms. PlagScan does not support synonym and sentence structure checking.

Conclusion :

Nowadays Plagiarism is common. Most of the data is in the digital format and there’s a high chance of plagiarism to get increased.

Therefore, to avoid this kind of cheating, to safeguard the originality of the author, detection techniques are to be used and are essential.

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