Top 10 free Hosting providers

free Hosting providers

Do you want web hosting for free?
We have analyzed for you the top 10 free Hosting providers. Although free hosting seems to be a good idea when you have no budget for setting up the website. But choosing the right free hosting providers is important which can benefit your website.

Here are the top 10 free Hosting providers:



Wix is one of the best free Hosting Providers, but the problem is that it does not give you a custom domain. If you are starting an online business you should consider it because that has an intuitive UI. It is simple to create for anyone and meet their needs through hosting providers. 

  • one site
  • 500MB storage
  • 500MB bandwidth
  • Wix ads
  • Assigned Wix domain
  • Drag-and-drop website builder

Wix does not allow you to integrate online payment. Although, they have \ limited features in their free plan. You can expect half features compared to other offers provided by the Wix Hosting provider.



InfinityFree has no hidden fees and offers you 99.9% uptime. The most unique features InfinityFree Hosting provider is 400 MySQL databases, while others don’t give it for free and a free DNS service, free SSL, and free Cloudflare CDN. 

  • InfinityFree offers you 
  • No limit for Disk space
  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • no limit for Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Allows you 10 Email accounts
  • Allows you 1 FTP accounts
  •  Provide you 400 MySQL databases

This hosting provider Has an Average Load Time. When your website gets, published you won’t see ads but will be present in the backend.



GoogieHost offers you free shared hosting that includes features like spam protection and business emails for free. 

  • Googiehost offers you 
  • Disk space of 1GB
  • One domain hosting
  • 100GB/Unlimited
  • Handles 2 Subdomains 
  • Allows you to have 2 Email accounts
  • Allows you to have 2 FTP accounts
  • Provides you 2 MySQL databases
  • CMS installers, 

Googiehost has a lot of security errors. But we should not leave the fact that it is the only provider here to come with cPanel and Cloudflare, albeit in its free form. But Googiehost a lot of features are not present in the free version.



000Webhost is offered by Hostinger. The best thing about 000Webhost is no ads. 000Webhost Hosting provider gives you cPanel, a website builder, and a WordPress auto-installer.
000Webhost offers you 

  • Have 300MB Disk space
  • Provides 1 Domain hosting
  •  Handles 3GB Monthly traffic 
  •  1 FTP accounts
  • 1 MySQL database

 But when we consider 000Webhost for its disk space and bandwidth is low compared to some other free service providers. 000Webhost hosting provider does not allow you to email accounts and Subdomains as part of their service. The best thing about 000Webhost is you don’t even need a credit card to set up the website.

5.Google Cloud Hosting: 

Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud hosting is not free. But it gives you a full 1-year free trial. To get started with a Google Cloud hosting provider you need a Gmail account. Google Cloud Hosting provider is the best suit for larger businesses. Google Cloud Hosting offers you

  • One website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Extensive support documentation

As soon as your trial period ends, you may have to pay only for the services you use. Google Cloud Hosting provider 



AwardSpace is known for its gigs of storage provided by them for free.
AwardSpace offers you 

  • One website
  • Three subdomains
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • MySQL database
  • 24/7 live chat

AwardSpace has some terms and conditions. Suppose your website does not receive]traffic for 12 months, It will automatically set the website to inactive. And, after two more weeks of notices, the hosting provider will delete your website forever.



Byethost provides 1GB server space, 50GB of bandwidth, and MySQL / PHP compatibility. They also offer 24/7 tech support.
Byethost offers you 

  • Unlimited sites
  • no limit for storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Domain registration
  • 24/7 customer support and knowledge base

ByetHost offers solid customer support. You can acquire a knowledge base and video tutorials, the ticketing system is also available.
ByetHost’s has a free hosting control panel which we can use to help budget your resources.



Freehostia has fast speeds and customer services within an hour. It provides you access to a complete website builder with templates. It also gives you a free SSL signed certificate for free.
Freehostia offers you 

  • Hosting of five sites
  •  Storage of 250MB 
  • Provides 6MB bandwidth
  • Supports No ads
  • Domain registration
  • 24/7 customer support

If you have a small website Freehostia is an attractive package for you.



FreeWebHostingArea is a volunteer-maintained hosting provider.
FreeWebHostingArea offers you 

  • Disk space: 1.5GB
  • Domain hosting: 1
  • Monthly traffic: no limit for bandwidth
  • 0 Subdomains
  • 0 Email accounts
  • FTP accounts: 1
  •  MySQL databases: 3

FreeWebHostingArea gives you unlimited bandwidth with 1.5GB storage which is pretty good. Plus, it provides you with 3 SQL databases. The file size allowed on the website is pretty low which is 12 MB. It does not provide 1-click install and site builder.

10.Atspace :


Atspace has unlimited bandwidth and very good customer support in your free plan too.
Atspace offers you 

  • One site
  • 1GB storage
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Domain registration
  • Limited 24/7/365 customer support

Atspace Hosting provider gives you all the necessary features for a simple website, plus it places no ads on it. Many users find Artspace robust and reliable.


If you have some budget, you should go for cheap web hosting providers rather than free. The free hosting providers have limited features. Many free hosting providers, give you limited disk space, customer support, less uptime, backup, and more ads. At a cheap price, you can get it all.
If you are a beginner in website hosting provider, try out Wix, it is easy to set up. If you have a large business and want to experiment with an online presence, try out the google cloud free trial. Atspace is a good choice as it offers you good customer support. If you need 1 GB of storage space, consider Byethost and Awardspace. 

Although free hosting providers are not the best choice, rather you should go for cheap hosting providers.

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