Top 10 Dedicated Hosting Service Providers For Large Sites in 2021

Top 10 Dedicated Hosting Service Providers For Large Sites in 2021

Our topic is top dedicated hosting service providers for large sites, so before knowing this we should know that what is dedicated hosting service providers are.

So let’s take a view about this topic. Dedicated hosting is also known as VPS hosting ( Virtual Private Server ) are been used for greater businesses to get a decent speed for websites and it’s their plans most expensive compared to other respective hosting provider plans.

There is full control of customers over the machine, which is why they can optimize it for their requirements, with performance and security.

There are many reasons due to which we use dedicated hosting servers like control, flexibility, and performance. So let’s start this topic.

1) HostGator :


HostGator Web Hosting has a variety of features that one dedicated web server should have. HostGator Web Hosting is good for novice webmasters. They contain useful site-building software.

The services provided by hostgator are excellent and simple to use and offers an plenty of plans for consumers and small businesses.

HostGator Web hosting is a top pick for shared web hosting and for novice webmasters in general. But the sad part about this dedicated web hosting is it has no windows based VPS hosting.

pricnigs of hostgator

2) GoDaddy :

GoDaddy is one of the best, biggest, and popular brands when it comes to web hosting and offers reliable services to dedicated servers for large sites.

GoDaddy provides you both the Linus and windows configured dedicated servers, and it’s no surprise that the letter costs extra. As far as the main feature is concerned you get the standard root access DDoS protection and RAID 1 storage as default.

vps pricings of godaddy

3) A2 Web hosting :

a2 hosting

A2 Web hosting is packed with features, it is a dedicated web hosting server that is more than worthy of being the foundation for your website.

This web hosting has an excellent customer support and terrific uptime which is important for being a dedicated web hosting provider for large sites.

There is a con about A2 that it does not have every plan windows server options, and is relatively expensive. But the thing which is good for users is that it has a good money-back plan.

vps pricings of a2 hosting
vps pricings of a2 hosting

4) Dreamhost Web Hosting :

dreamhost web hosting

Dreamhost Web Hosting is one the best-dedicated web host among all. This dedicated web host provides many features like its extensive domain management tools.

It provides :

  • A good VPS offers
  • Unlimited data transfer per month
  • cloud storage plans
  • generous money-back guarantee

There are few cons about this which are it has no site builder and has lacked windows based servers.

This site strikes a near balance of featured and price but it is for users who are familiar with website administration.

5) Hostwinds :

Let’s talk about Hostwnids another dedicated web hosting for large sites, so there are many features offered by Hostwinds, it offers you both Linux and windows configured servers for which you can choose your operating system.

The plan does not include a control panel, but you are able to subscribe to either cPanel, Plesk, or CWP with which Hostwinds interface, for an extra standard.

The best thing about Hostwinds as a dedicated hosting for a large site is it also offers you a 99.99 percent guarantee.

6) InterServer :


Interserver named dedicated hosting service providers contains both windows and Linux hosting.

The cheapest customized plan gets you 8 GB Of RAM and a 3.2 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores for your web server.

There is one more advantage of InterServer that it also provides a 99.9 percent of guarantee which they also uphold as seen from the statics. InterServer provides you a 24/7 technical support or their dedicated servers.

vps pricings of interserver
vps pricings of interserver

7) Ionos :


Ionos dedicated web hosting is rock solid uptime in testing, good customer support is also provided by the Ionos hosting. This dedicated web hosting also offers you Linus or windows based servers.

This is one of the best dedicated web hosts if you are seeking or large sites and this is a very easy-to-use website creation tool and no setup fee is be given for 1 and 1 web hosting.

This web host comes with a rich variety of website creation tools, just like good support and impressive uptime reliability in our testing.

Ionos company’s name was ” 1 and 1 ” hosting before.

vps pricings of ionos

8) AccuWeb hosting :

accuweb hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is an excellent dedicated web hosting plan and provides good customer support. Linus and windows servers are also being provided by the AacuWeb hosting.

This has many features including rock-solid uptime and customer service and its excellent dedicated hosting plans are where this host truly shines.

At last, there are few cons of AccuWeb hosting is that no month-to-month shared hosting plans is which are the bad part about AccuWeb hosting.

pricings of accu web hosting

9) TMD Web hosting :

TMD Web hosting is also can be a good dedicated web hosting for large sites for your growing business. This web hosting provider has both windows and Linux hosting plans and also managed and non-managed plans.

TMD is a feature web hosting service that gives the tools you need to build functional, beautiful websites, particularly those of the WordPress variety. There are few sad parts of the TMD Web hosting which is some plans lack windows based hosting and offer limited phone support hours.

pricings of tmd web hosting

10) Liquid Web Hosting :

Liquid Web Hosting is also that dedicated web server which offers the users Linux or Windows-based servers, liquid web hosting provides excellent VPS and dedicated hosting plans, and it is protected VOS plans. Liquide Web hosting offers you high-end specs.

The good thing about Liquid Web Hosting is

  • It is flexible
  • Feature-packed online host
  • outstanding customer service
  • excellent dedicated and VPS hosting plans

Here in this article, we knew about Top 10 dedicated hosting service providers for large sites. Hope you will get a good idea about dedicated servers for your business.

pricings of liquid web hosting
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