Top 10 database cleaning and optimization plugins for WordPress

Top 10 database cleaning and optimization plugins for WordPress

A website’s database is only as good as its content. Everything from comments, posts, user information, and spam is stored in the WordPress database. Because some of it is required for your site to work, removing it could cause it to crash or malfunction.
We’ll show the Top 10 database cleaning and optimization plugins for WordPress that will make working with your database easier.

1.Advanced Database Cleaner

Advanced Database Cleaner

The Advanced Database Cleaner concentrates on removing objects from your database that are either unneeded or creating server difficulties. It deletes old changes that are no longer needed. For example, Items like trackbacks, pending comments, and outdated draughts were deleted by the plugin. The utility has a basic settings module, where you can specify how often you want to clean the database and whether or not you want to exclude any files from the cleaning. The Advanced Database Cleaner plugin core is available for free.
Premium Plans:

  • $39 for one to two sites as a starter.
  • $59 for up to five locations.
  • $149 for the unlimited number of websites.

2.Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: free

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: free

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is a useful WordPress database plugin for cleaning up the garbage in your database.
You could want to eliminate unused tags, spam comments, or garbage posts, for example. Here’s a plugin that takes care of everything for you with a single button click. Most websites require database cleaning periodically. Therefore you generally don’t need to install this plugin permanently.

It does, however, feature an automated cleaning schedule, which may be handy. Overall, for all sorts of websites, a database cleaning plugin like this is sometimes essential.



WP-Optimize optimizes your WordPress database by cleaning, compressing, and caching it. The all-in-one plugin eliminates the need to install extra tools to optimize your database to its maximum potential.
Caching is an additional feature because it allows you to optimize your database and speed up your site without thinking about it. Your WordPress database is cleaned regularly, and you may use the WP-Optimize plugin to compress photos.
WP-Optimize optimizes the database by removing any unneeded files and doing duties such as compacting tables and maintaining backups.
There is a free version available.
Premium plans:

  • Starter – $39 for one to two sites per year.
  • Business – $59 for five sites per year.
  • Infinite — For $149 a year, you can have an unlimited number of sites.

If you want your database optimization tool to perform the following three tasks: cleaning your database, compressing images, and caching pages, use WP-Optimize.

4.WP Reset

WP Reset

WP Reset connects to your WordPress database and deletes stuff you deem unnecessary. When you’re trying to clean out your entire site and start from scratch, these plugins can be useful. We’ve also seen it utilized to get rid of demo posts and media. The WP Reset plugin looks for tables, posts, comments, and other database details, depending on your needs.

The plugin is a permanent solution for fully removing some elements from your website. You might be experimenting with themes, plugins, or alternative database pieces. WP Reset comes in handy in this scenario for erasing database content for new installations. The plugin appears to be handy for selectively deleting parts of your database, such as if you discover that the majority of your blog entries are demo stuff that you can erase.

5.WP-DB manager

WP-DB manager

WP-DBManager optimizes the database effectively despite having fewer features. WP-DBManager makes it simple to repair, backup, clean, and optimize your WordPress database. You may even use it to conduct database queries.

Use the automatic scheduling feature if you want the optimization to run automatically. WP-DBManager is a Free plugin managed by the developer with the help of donations. Although some beginners may find the settings confusing, you usually don’t need to change any of them.

6.WP Clean up Optimizer

WP Clean up Optimizer

WP Clean Up Optimizer improves the speed of your site by removing unneeded data and optimizing the database as a whole. All of this is critical to enhancing performance. Obsolete records, corrupt tables, and space are just a few of the items to get rid of. This database cleaning plugin lists all of the places on your site where you can free up space and improve performance. You can apply action with a single button.
premium plans:

  • Pro – €29.99 ($34) per year.
  • Developer – €69.99 ($78) per year.
  • Agency – €99.99 ($112) per year

They all support an infinite number of websites.
WP Clean Up Optimizer appears to be a good option for cleaning up your database while also providing some login security.

7.Better Search Replace

Better Search Replace

Better Search Replace is a freemium plugin that allows you to make changes to your database’s content. It’s more common among sites that migrate to a new domain. This plugin ensures that the database functions properly following a migration.

You may even use it throughout your entire site to rapidly replace URLs or text snippets. You may serialize the tables and even pick and choose which ones to use. Better Search Replace uses features like a “dry run”, which allows you to test a query before running it.

8.WP -Sweep:

WP -Sweep

WP-Sweep is a free database cleansing plugin used to clear up areas such as comments, post meta data, and revisions. In short, there’s no excuse not to clean out your database monthly, and the WP-Sweep plugin can help you achieve it.

You may take out everything from unused phrases to deleted comments to increase performance and reduce server load. Because this plugin only accomplishes one thing, it’s a quick and easy approach to clean up the mess. If you want to wipe up the useless bits of your database, go with the WP-Sweep plugin.

9.Smart Cleanup Tools

Smart Cleanup Tools

The Smart Cleanup Tools removes entries from your database that you don’t require. Sometimes, you do this with the one-click full cleanup. But next time, you will have to pick and choose which tables and data objects to remove. A one-time cost of $30 is required.

If you need further assistance, you can upgrade. The plugin integrates with many other plugins that work to optimize your database. Other plugins appear to cover all of the cleanup duties that the Smart Cleanup Tools plugin cover. So, if you like the notion of paying a one-time charge but still want premium support and database optimization tools, this plugin is worth considering.

10.WP Cleaner Pro

WP Cleaner Pro

WP Cleaner Pro is a cost-effective, fast cleaning solution that includes scheduling features and a database backup.
You can clean over 25 different types of data items, and you may optimize your database so that it does not slow down your site. Wp Cleaner Pro is Easy to configure. You can filter database items and decide on the ones you had like to clean.

This plugin requires a one-time purchase of $19, with upgrades to customer support available. The WP Cleaner Pro plugin might be right for you if you enjoy scheduled database cleaning, a lot of filters, and a low price (for a premium product).

Conclusion :

When you choose a high-quality managed WordPress host, you should expect backups and optimizations of your database.
Here are the Top 10 database cleaning and optimization plugins for WordPress
1.Advanced Database Cleaner
2.Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
4.WP Reset
5.WP-DB manager
6.WP Clean up Optimizer
7.Better Search Replace
8.WP -Sweep
9.Smart Cleanup Tools
10.WP Cleaner Pro

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