Top 10 Data Privacy Apps for Windows:

Data Privacy Apps for Windows

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 data privacy apps for Windows. That will effectively protect your system from viruses and malware. It will provide several privacy and anti-theft features which will efficiently safeguard your data. Resulting in the worry-free usage of your Windows-powered device.

Windows is a GUI-based operating system created by Microsoft mainly to support and power its various devices present in different facets of the tech world. Windows occupies a 68% share in the desktop operating systems market and is regarded as the world’s most widely installed desktop OS (Operating System), with macOS(created by Apple) taking the second spot (boasting of an 18% market share).

According to an article in Threat Post, Windows users have been subjected to a python based malware/trojan named PyMicropsia which was developed by Arid Viper, a threat group, resulting in users losing outlook files and browser credentials.

Therefore, we bring to you the top 10 data privacy apps for Windows. That will effectively protect your system from viruses and malware and provide several privacy and anti-theft features which will efficiently safeguard your data resulting in the worry-free usage of your Windows-powered device. So what’s say, let’s begin.

1.Cyber Ghost VPN:

cyber ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost effectively combats unauthorized encryptions and malicious network threats received by your system. Apart from this it also acts as backup software for all your files be it photos, videos, documents, etc. present on your device. Cyber Ghost comes in both free and paid versions, with the latter offering some advanced functionalities making for a better user experience.

2.BoxCryptor :

box cryptor

BoxCryptor comes with an Anti-Ransomware which can effectively deal and combat with unauthorized encryption providing the user security of his data. It is absolutely free of cost and is a no-brainer if you want top-notch data privacy.

3.Lookout Data Privacy :


Lookout, apart from virus scanning, also provides protection from phishing which gives it a
competitive edge. Features like Identity protection and Wi-Fi Scanning also make it one of the top data privacy apps
for Windows. Lookout, in addition, comes at quite an attractive price ($2.50/month), so if you are under budget constraints then Lookout may be quite a good choice for securing your data.

4.System Restore :

System Restore

System Restore is an inbuilt component in all Windows PCs and performs the functions of system recovery and data privacy. It enables the user to restore files and data which may be list from system malfunctions. The feature is turned off by default and must be activated by the user if he plans on using it.

5.Paragon :


Paragon is powered by/ runs on the Create Backup Job Wizard which combats malicious networks and even offers automated backup. Paragon provides the user with a seamless experience and what gives it an edge over others in the market is the feature of WinPE Recovery Media, which through a USB stick enables you to access your data and files when your PC is facing boot problems. It is regarded as one of the top free data privacy apps for Windows and comes with a paid version as well which is priced at $79.99.

6.BitLocker :

microsoft bitlocker

Bitlocker is predominantly a disk encryption software that is inbuilt in Windows 10, which makes it convenient to use. Just like AxCrypt, it uses the highly sophisticated 128-bit or 256-bit AES Encryption to protect your files and data present in your system effectively.

7.Folder Lock :

folder lock

Folder Lock boasts of several stellar features along with protecting your sensitive data such as offering security from brute force attacks, enable decoy passwords, password backups, etc. You will have very few complaints with regard to its performance. Folder Lock comes with both a free and paid version, with the latter offering advanced features at a reasonable price.

8.Certain Safe :

certain safe

Certain Safe is another quality data privacy app in the overcrowded market. It enables the secure transmission of files between colleagues without third-party exposure. It’s each a free and paid version, with the latter providing a cupboard space of one hundred GB, and may accommodate up to one hundred colleagues. you’ll be able to plan to take up the subscription once the free 30-day trial.

9.Private Hub :

private hub

Private Hub notifies you in a jiffy when your system interacts with suspicious internet networks. This platform has a very simple interface and targets the non-tech-savvy group, offering maximum privacy, and security. It is one of the best data privacy apps for Windows. It supports various formats of data and even securely maintains your passwords. Private Hub is regarded as one of the top data privacy apps for Windows.

10.Keeper :

keeper security

Keeper, just like Private Hub acts as an efficient password manager securing your sensitive data in a sophisticated manner. It, after five failed login attempts, removes your password database and makes it irretrievable. Keeper is available in both free and paid versions, with the latter offering backup and syncing features as well.

Well, this was our list of the top 10 data privacy apps for Windows. While selecting a data privacy app do take into consideration various factors such as its ability to combat unauthorized access, the efficiency of its malware scanning engines and presence of performance and device boosting utilities, and user-friendliness, apart from the cost of subscription and in-app purchases to make a deal that provides the maximum protection and security at an optimum cost.

Securing your data has become important than ever before, due to increased threats to system security, network traffic, the advent of new malware and viruses, etc. Therefore it is wise to have a data privacy app to safeguard your data and protect you from online attacks and hackers. All the 10 apps listed above make for great choices. Hope you enjoyed reading the article!!! Feel free to type in your thoughts on the article in the comment box below.

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