Top 10 Cooling applications for Android

Cooling applications for Android

Nowadays overheating is a major issue for any device. Along with being annoying, it is just an unbearable fret to get over. Any device heats up or the temperature for a device rises stating the health state of the device getting worse and certainly in most cases it is caused due to the applications running in the background harming the battery health.

For safety reasons, it is often said to keep your phone away when getting heated. In some cases, phones can be manually cooled down. It is suggested that when the phone is heating up either shut down the phone or turn the flight mode on and in case the phone is charging immediately remove it.

Shutting the device off is just a solution to this. In most cases, it caused due to the applications that suck on the battery of the phone, and stress the device’s CPU. 

For Android users there have been certain developments in the fields of technology to render this issue of device heating through applications. Here are the top 10 device cooling applications for Android.

1. DU battery saver

DU battery saver

This is one of the most popular battery-saving and cooling apps used by over 11 million people. This app extends and works on the device for better battery life and automatically cleans the unwanted files and caches from the storage.

The app privately focuses on preserving battery life by automatically closing the apps running in the background and delivering optimization for those applications. This detects the phone temperature in real-time and freezes the battery-consuming apps and also has access to manage brightness, Wi-Fi, and data for better indications.

2. Cooling master

Cooling master

Cooling master is a phone cooler designed to maintain and decrease the phone’s temperature and shut off the apps running in the background that drain energy and cause heavy load to the CPU. This is one of the must-have applications for Android devices as it is user-friendly e e and works quite simply in terms of scanning and detecting. The application keeps monitoring the temperature regularly.

3. Battery doctor

Battery doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the apps that helps to preserve your phone’s battery and cool it down by stopping the apps that work as battery draining it provides healthy tips to enhance battery life with just a one-touch optimization.

It is also accomplished by several other breathtaking features which include automatic adjustment of brightness Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This also wants about the overcharging and automatically restricts it from increasing the temperature.

4. Smart cooler

Smart cooler

Smart Cooler has made an entry into this list as one of the most recommended phone cooling apps for Android which allows the device CPU to cool down and acts as a phone cleaner responsibly working for the smooth functioning of the CPU and accurately notifying about the ideal temperature and the CPU usage.

THE APPLICATION helps in maintaining coolness by watching your operation and providing instructions to control the device’s temperature and save its memory.

5. Finally clean

Finally clean

Finally, Clean Counts is a perfect check for the tool that helps you to cool and clear the storage problems this app is quite simple and displays the storage and the RAM status of the device also ensuring the temperature count and its reduction methods.

The application has a feature that boasts phone memory by clearing the junk files and automatically installing the apps from your phone that consume energy and increase CPU temperature immediately after one tap. It has a dashboard that displays all the data regarding the device’s management.

6. CPU cooler

CPU cooler

The CPU cooler is a helpful device app that helps an Android smartphone to ensure a cool temperature and acts as a phone cleaner to boost performance and clean up the device’s RAM to reduce CPU usage in real-time. The application is responsible for maintaining a healthy battery life and monitoring the CPU’s functioning.

7. Super phone cooler

Super phone cooler

The application monitors real-time temperature for Android phones. The app has a smart charger feature that allows you to measure and monitor temperature when being overcharged.

The app is determined to improve the performance and cool the physical components of the device. The app has an additional feature of displaying the details both numerically and graphically, at which time the data keeps updating ensuring accuracy.

8. All in one toolbox

All in one toolbox

The all-in-one toolbox helps in increasing the overall performance of an Android Smartphone where the UI of the app is designed to be user-friendly and attractive which provides some extra beneficial features like AppLock, cleaning junk, file manager, Speed booster, etc.

Primary the app is focused on producing the temperature and clearing unnecessary data and cache before reaching exhaustion mode.

9. Ease Us Coolphone

Ease Us Coolphone

Just as the name the app is easy to handle and works on the issues related to overheating and battery health displaying the storage Ram status and other management details. It helps in clearing cache increasing phone memory and supervising the apps that consume battery. The UI is developed in such a way that it provides all those features with just one tap.

10. Phone master

Phone master

Phone Master is an app that clears RAM to boost phone speed and helps in cooling the device. This is a multipurpose app that also works as an antivirus scanner providing app lock security for protection and privacy clearing cache junk files and boosting memory. This is an automatically start app that runs to save space and detect temperature.

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