Top 10 Content Protection Plugins for WordPress

Content Protection Plugins, after activating disables right-click, copy-paste, content selection, and copy shortcuts keys on your websites. These methods provide a protested site where no copyright outrage can occur.

The content copy protection is very easy to use, just download and activate. Through these steps, you will get a copyrighted material. You get a function on choosing post type you will have a function on the page to protect content selection. So the plugin prevents a copy of your content. In any case, if you utilize the plugin you can not see copy-paste on your website. This is an anti-copy plugin.

So here are ten content protection plugins that may assist you with many things. It may assist you in protective right-click, copy-paste, content choice, and duplicate shortcuts key on your websites. 

1. Wp Content Copy Protection and No Right Click :

Content Protection Plugins

WP content copy protection and no right-click named plugins are simple and powerful plugins for content protection. There are lots of features like the option to right clicks for certain parts. The ability to add or customize watermark, Display alert message when right-click is made, Disable multiple copy key shortcuts.

The plugin works out of the box with no advanced installation or activation processes. Providing various techniques in protecting content. Wp content copy protection is easy to set up, simple and effective, and fully content protected with a multi-method.

2. Wp Content Copy Protection :

Content protection plugins

Once some minutes of installation, you’ll be able to implement all of its good strategies to defend your content against stealers.

It has lots of features like the ability to disable right-click for all content, prevent users from selecting the text, turn off the ability to use copy shortcut keys and automatically remove image URL links.

Wp content copy protection is easy to use, does not interfere with the website layout and widgets, and lightweight.

3. Wp Content Copy Protection With Color Design :

Content Protection Plugins

Wp content copy protection with color design has improved site security for its effective functions. Using this plugin users can’t steal data, content, and images from your post or content.

Its function is to have the ability to apply protection for selected pages, the ability to disable for logged-in users. It’s easy to use, responsive in support and has a nice popup window.

4. Secure Copy Content Plugin :

Content Protection Plugins

There’s little doubt that plagiarism is usually a giant issue for bloggers or website developers. With secure copy content protection, you have not to pay attention to these.

Secure content copy protection provides you options to disable F12 and shortcut keys including Ctrl-A, C, V, S, X, the ability to block users by IP address or country, allow to create and disable the notification.

The plugin provides you heaps of strategies for WordPress content copy protection. Secure copy content protection is easy to use, clean, without any ads, has a simple setup, and with comprehensive protection.

Content protection Plugins

Copyright Proof has glorious client service and straight forward to use. WordPress content copy protection is the aim of this plug-in. It allows you to add different types of copyright notices at the end of your content which others can’t copy easily.
Copyright proof plugin inserts license and copyright notice below your posts provide multiple customization options for notice and the ability to note the IP address of international thieve.

6. Simple Membership :

Content Protection Plugins

Simple membership is a superb option in case you want to personalize your page or website. This plugin sets a limit to a certain number of people who can see protected posts on your site.

Simple Membership plugin simply prevents non-member from viewing certain content, supports content protection for media, ability to apply for protection in bulk, and customizable content protection message. Most significant easy membership is incredibly easy and straightforward to use.

7. Password Protection (WordPress Content protection plugin) :

Content Protection Plugins

Password protection is also can be a good way to prevent your page or blog from being copied. Guests are needed to submit a countersign. After that  they will see your generated content. 

Visitors are required to submit a password. After that they can see your generated content. In password protection, an image protection is not available.

Password protection provides you IP address setting lists, the option to permit access to RSS feeds, the ability to give admin access without a password, and use a single password for site protection.

8. Passster-( Password Protection) :

Passster Content Protection wordpress Plugins

The passster works with shortcodes and protect your content with password and captcha. It is another solution for password protection to protect your site or blogs.

Passster protection types include password and captcha, ability to generate shortcode and set cookies length, and it provides an option to add a various password for each shortcode by a comma. Passster provides much more customized options to use, which makes it user-friendly.

9. Advance Access Manager :

Content Protection Plugins

Advanced Access Manager permits you to policy World Health Organization, when, and how, and in what condition your website resources are often accessed. Access management to backend space as well as backend menu, toolbar, meta boxes & widgets.

Content access control on the frontend, backend, and API sides to posts, pages, custom post types, categories, custom hierarchical taxonomies, and CPTs for any role, user, and visitor. Secure login widgets or shortcodes.

404 send Redefine wherever the user ought to be redirected once the page doesn’t exist.

10. Post expirator :

Post Expirator Content Protection wordpress Plugins

Post expirator is a flexible, automatic post expiration plugin that allows the creator to set expiration dates for posts or pages.

The post-expirator plugin can also be the way to prevent your post or pages as it sets a custom meta value, and then optionally allows you to select if you want the post to get changed to a draft status or deleted when it expires.

Summary about Content Protection Plugins :

Here we knew about the top 10 content protection plugins. Using these in our posts, pages, or blogs, content can be protected from downloading and copying contents.

A pleasure to help you find out the best Plugins that protect your posts and pages effectively.

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