Top 10 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact Form Plugins

Introduction :

Contact forms are the beard and butter for lead generation. And as you know lead generation is the number one way for companies to make money. With the advance of AI and the internet, you don’t really have the old-school telemarketers calling everyone. That’s where contact forms come in. Good contact forms help generate really good leads for the business and can help make a lot of money for clients.

To this day email leads and contacts are still one of the biggest sources of clients companies. If you own a business website a contact form is a must. So to help you out here are our picks for the best contact form plugins for WordPress. With multiple options and spam protection, I’m sure you will be able to generate plenty of leads for your business

1) WPForms :

wp forms contact form plugin

WPForms is by far the best form plugin for WordPress by a hefty margin. It is a bit on the expensive side but it has integrations with all the popular software and lead gen platforms making it perfect for any business that wants to use wp forms for its business.

You can improve the functionality of the plugin by using one of its many add-ons to add extra features to the site. It comes with payment integration as well as spam protection making it one of the most versatile plugins when it comes to forms. You can customize the forms with any number of fields and polls making it the best WordPress plugin for forms and our favorite choice for forms plugins. You can easily generate leads, take polls and surveys, and even take donations via wpforms. It also supports email notifications, file uploads, and advanced maths for complex sites

2) Gravity Forms :

gravity forms contact form plugin

It is one of the oldest and most reputed form plugins in the WordPress market. It has plenty of advanced fields and features that can help you easily generate leads take surveys etc. You can customize the fields and manage them as per requirements. It’s almost as good as wp forms. The only drawback is that it’s pretty expensive.

It starts from $59 (for one site) to $259 (for multiple sites).

3) Everest Forms :

Everest Forms is a free plugin with a paid alternative for more features. It has an easy-to-use interface with all the required features to make a really versatile form. Similar to other plugins in the list it has a captcha, antispam, and payment gateway support. Integrates with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Zapier, Stripe, and PayPal which can add more functionalities to your website forms.

The best part is that it allows file uploads and other features like surveys and polls making it quite the user-favorite add-on. It has plenty of downloads and can be easily set up.

4) Ninja Forms :

As the name suggests its Ninja form is one of the WordPress contact form plugins that has made quite the name for itself over the years. It is similar to wpforms with multiple add-ons and features making it quite the Swiss knife for lead generation. It has all the necessary features like payment gateways, surveys, anti-spam, etc. It also has extra add-ons that you can use to add more features to the base plugin. You also have multiple integration options with other plugins.

5) Formidable Forms :

formidable forms

Formidable Forms is one of the alternative paid contact forms that has plenty of features such as payment, captcha, surveys, and feedback forms via the WordPress plugin. It has all the most needed features for building advanced contact forms.

Formidable Forms has easy to use interface making it such that anyone without any technical expertise can sue it via the form creation tool. You can easily get your contact form ready within minutes via one of its templates.

6) Contact Form 7 :

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest and most insanely popular contact forms. It has been free since launch as far as I know. If you are a coder then you will like it since it’s more technical. It’s not easy to use for beginners so we don’t recommend it for beginners. It’s a simple easy-to-use contact plugin with antispam support via Akismet integration. It’s quite lightweight and best suited for budget websites.

You can customize and make changes to the form as long as you know coding and HTML basics. Since it’s so hard to use it’s not really recommended. It’s added to the list purely since it’s one of the oldest with the most downloads and users.

7) Jetpack Forms :

jetpacl forms

The jetpack form plugin is part of the jetpack plugin pack which has a bunch of stuff including SEO and other optimization plugins. This plugin is pretty easy to use and can easily integrate the form within your website. It doesn’t have all the premium add-ons similar to other forms in the list. But if you already have the jet pack plugin setup then I recommend using this form builder since it integrates well with the other tools.

The form plugin is pretty easy to setup and they have plenty of guides and documentation to help with the same.

8) Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form Plugin :

ninja kick series

Ninja Kick Sidebar is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you add a contact form within your site easily helping you generate leads and customize the way the contact form is delivered to the user.

It has all the basic features and you can use it via a floating widget as well. It’s fairly simple to set up and does what you need for 25$.

9) Visual Form Builder :

visual form builder

The visual form builder is a plugin meant specifically for building forms. It’s a bit more complex but lets you build complex contact forms with multiple features. It lets you use multiple fields and options within the form and make complex forms with a deep structure. It’s good for complex forms

The Visual Form builder starts at a price point of $29. So quite cheap compared to the pricier options in the list

10) Quform WordPress Form Builder :


With this plugin, you can make easy as well as complex WordPress contact forms. It’s a drag-and-drop builder so its pretty easy to use. It starts at 29$ with a 7-day money-back guarantee. It has all the basic features such as anti-spam, easy-to-use wizard, captcha protection etc.

That’s all folks these were the top 10 contact form plugins that we recommend for WordPress websites. If you have any more good plugins do let us know via the comment section below

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