Top 10 comment management systems for WordPress

comment management systems for WordPress

The blog comments are just as important as the content itself. Readers are drawn to your comment area because it allows them to interact with others who share their interests. Depending on how powerful the comment Management system is, users can ask questions, start discussions, make jokes, or post photographs. Here are the Top 10 comment management systems for WordPress:


WpDiscuz has all the features you had to expect from a commenting plugin, including an easy-to-use user interface, nested comments, and comment sorting options (newest, oldest, and most upvoted).

It supports AJAX submissions and load more comments buttons allowing users to use the comments area without reloading the page. The wpDiscuz-Postmatic combination enables commentators to respond to comments immediately from their email inbox.

This convenience may foster interesting conversations, resulting in a more active comments area.

2.Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is a premium self-hosted plugin that uses its interface to replace the default WordPress comment system. Thrive Comments offers the ability for visitors to upvote and downvote comments, similar to Reddit. You can choose to include the ‘best’ comments at the top based on these upvotes, or you can manually feature a remark.

You may offer gamification badges to active commenters to encourage them to leave comments, and threaded responses make it easy for users to connect with specific comments. Aside from that, users can subscribe to comments to receive email notifications when new comments are made. Thrive Comments is its emphasis on conversions by allowing you to communicate with visitors after they remark.

3.Jetpack comment


Jetpack provides a blend of functionalities. Its capabilities ensure that you do not need to install many plugins to add various functionality to WordPress. This tool allows you to easily and quickly manage each article.

Visitors to your website can use this plugin to leave a comment by logging in to their social network accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. The majority of Jetpack’s features like spam filtering, site monetization, and security screening are only available if you subscribe to the premium plan.

4.De: comments

De: comments

De: comments allow you to save user comments in your domain. It is a more secure technique because you are not relying on third parties to store your data. This plugin is simple to configure and is intended to adjust rapidly to the display of mobile devices.

Users can also log in using their social network accounts. The endless load feature allows you to limit the number of comments displayed in a single post. To see older comments, the visitor merely needs to scroll down the page. De: Comments also include multi-language localization, quick media attachments, and voting mechanisms.

5.Super Socializer plugins

The Super Socializer plugin is a lightweight and free comment system. It comes with social sharing options for over 100 social networks. You may download the free core plugin and gain access to all of the features stated on the plugin page. Your users do not need to establish a new account because they can use a previously created social account.

Most of the time, all they had to do was click on the social network of their choice and, they had logged in seconds. Spam is kept to a minimum since most of the social networks authenticate all users, eliminating the need for you to do so. All of that social profile data is collected and stored in your database for future marketing purposes.



Akismet is a WordPress comment spam screening tool. Akismet provides an algorithm that can detect and combat spam in blog comments and pingbacks. The algorithm can learn from the mistakes and activities of participating websites.

For example, if a large number of sites begin reporting a specific sort of spam, Akismet will “learn” to recognize the same danger as spam in the future.
By using this plugin, you can keep your comment column clean and secure.


Responding to other people’s comments on your post is difficult and time-consuming, especially if your piece gets a lot of involvement from the audience. Postmatic is a WordPress comment plugin that provides a more user-friendly approach to this system.

The plugin allows you to leave comments or respond to other people’s remarks via email. All you have to do is open your email, type your comment, and then press the reply button.



Disqus is a popular WordPress comment plugin for replacing the native comment area. This plugin includes many features, including importing comments from other blogging sites such as Blogger, Moveable Type, and others that employ WXR XML data.

This feature is useful for bloggers because it eliminates the need to worry about losing existing comments after installing Disqus. Unfortunately, Disqus frequently places advertisements on sites that use it without permission. It interferes with site optimization, causing the load page to become slightly slower.

9.Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks is a collection of tools designed to make comment management easier. You may email comment authors or people who commented on a given topic, modify your comment emails notifications, redirect first-time commenters to thank you page, allocate comments to a specific thread, and many other things.



CommentLuv is a WordPress comment plugin since it is designed to improve blog traffic by delivering backlinks. CommentLuv plugin includes a do-follow system that generates backlinks automatically when you post a comment on a blog.

With this strategy, your site will receive many comments because most readers will come to hunt for backlinks for their blogs. If you have an excessive number of outbound links on your blog, Google may flag it as spam.


To summarise
1.wpDicuz – This plugin provides a real-time commenting mechanism for your comment section.
2.Thrive Comments- It emphasizes conversions by allowing you to communicate with visitors after they remark.
3.JetPack Comments — It will replace WordPress’s default comments system.
4.De:Comments – You can use this plugin to save user comment data in your domain.
5.Super Socializer- Free plugin and integrates with all Social media
6.Akismet – It can learn to recognize new types of spam to keep the comment section clean.
7.Postmatic – This WordPress comment plugin enables the user to leave comments or respond to comments directly from your email.
8.Disqus Comment System — It can import comments from other blogs that use WXR XML data.
9.Yoast Comment Hacks – It is completely free, quick, and dependable.
10.CommentLuv – This plugin will add a backlink to each comment in all of your blogs. It has the potential to increase your traffic and SEO relevance.

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