Top 10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Top 10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

First let us look into the name of the social media plugin. What is a social media plugin??, If you have ever come across or used it you can brief it but for people unaware let me discuss the basic of what it is and why it is used under sites.

Top 10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress
  • Social Media Plugins
Top 10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

A node branch out of a software that has in-built features and services separate for these media sites on social platforms. Try downloading them from the internet to allow its default communication called as a data exchange between two networks (web portal page and the online media platforms) that are adapted to the restricted/respective policies and rules. You can opt for this add-on if your aim is to connect with other people by sharing your contents on media sites which can be viewed by third parties.

best social media plugins for WordPress
  • Working Of Social Media

You can notice that any video posted randomly has a like, share and comments section under their videos or any format of content that are provided by tools to enhance your sharing experience and links with various portals especially in Facebook, Instagram and so on.

These websites match your preferences and suggestions as per the choices/search history made by you. You can make yourself or a brand recognized under these extensions as they help you to modify and reach out to utmost possible sites thus popping up the viewers about your work.

You gradually work on this plugin to extend/expand tools to a website or program of computers, as it accepts that add-on you are free to explore and customize/modify them by combining them in sites.

  1. Especially when it comes to linking with WordPress you can find this plugin more useful than affiliate or managing plugins as it can support you in majority in promotions and build brands online.
  2. It has an integrated feature of media profile/server that pushes your functions to others requesting or making them to advertise about specific things (according to one’s purpose) thus by sending or adding them to their activity so personal and commercial connections get to know about it / get in touch with it.

It is as simple as anything but if you can’t succeed in merging it along with the site (WordPress) get some help with techies or support from influencers/specialized marketers or even from the add-on you prefer. If these are a head-straining process for you, opt for my ways and watch out for every single instruction to be benefited because they are a simple matter that can be completed in no time.

First step: Log in to your existing WordPress site, if you don’t have one create it by signing up quickly.

Second Step: Here is where you are directed to tabs on the left-corner with various options among which ‘Plugin’ choice is visible. Selecting it while showing you the category actions where you can add a new plugin by clicking on add new.

Third Step: A prompt screen after the add new option where you can try finding the widgets of ‘social media’ in the box respectively followed by the click on Enter button to browse as per your request.

Fourth Step: There you come across several media widgets as a list so you can choose from it and install your preferred one.

Last Step: Once you receive the note/notification as a pop-up stating the message that it has been ‘successfully installed’ then proceed with your activate button to provide access to the plugin to work under WordPress site and now you are ready to go.

You begin your journey of plugin when it shows that your add-on is activated to work on it and be beneficial.


Since we have installed it, you need not worry about joining themes on these media plugins as they are much easier as you think literally, but try to figure them out if not no issues you can follow mine to fit on the pack (button on this feature).

First Step: Click on the appearance button directly if you are in the main choices page or return back or log in to your website page to select the above-mentioned option.

Second Step: Search the widget of social media and pull it to the area you want to be inserted/displayed in.

Third Step: Thus, after adding you find the previous app/widget in the section you have added to. Select it to broaden its settings if not shown by default and go down to choose Social Networking occupied link.

Fourth Step: As you again come across a list of things for attaching your media file URLs. Fill them up in a required space and save it.

Fifth Step: Then followed by the options/buttons for the accounts on social media accounts you have added in the previous step. So, by default clicking on it directs viewers to the respected media pages.

By the completion of all these steps you finalize and ensure that these plugins start to proceed with their work of taking and interacting customers to the person or owner’s webpage as preferred by the person.

As you have a complete idea on the general things and how to use them now let us consider the factors that may help out to choose when one literally scratches his head to select the best among the best ones performing for the WordPress site and clarify them as I brief each and every plugin for new users and puzzled ones.

  1. Revive Social

A recognized app among everyone they take you to a hassle-free trip around without facing the problem alone. Its instructions help you to control the traffic to the earlier posts on your blogs/contents. Attachment with this plugin by default proceeds the schedules/managing and sending/sharing your previous contents from your dashboard (WordPress).

It helps you to conserve time as it shares your posts automatically on social pages. Enhancing you to post/share any kind of content like a page or post or even the custom types of post. Also, it works on its own to generate hashtags to some old posts from your choice or saved ones. It will ask permission from you for every task thus assuring you under control of the owner and you need not worry about automation.

  • Spotlight

This plugin posts or shows the photos from Instagram on your site from your account. Use this kind of smart way where you add a preview without writing/typing them on your feed of Instagram. A flexible add-on that quickly adapts to the gallery of viewers in any gadget that is currently used being more responsive.

This add-on is advanced in the feature of customization as it grabs out your theme style font and allows you to change it up to 40 kinds of modifications. (The size of padding size, clicks styles, back screen color).

Its PRO feature unlocks furthermore additional features as one among them is the power to show or telecast the saved or hashtag included ones from any end of the Instagram also it can moderate and filter the posts accordingly.

  • Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Created by Elegant Themes that is a most recognized platform under WordPress that should be taken a look definitely. It has tie-ups with 30 sharing networks on social media hence helping to discover and display your webpage on Instagram and other portals. And sorting or inserting add-ons depends on your choice totally as you can be relaxed.

Monarch offers an enormous section to select your choice of location to place those buttons on sharing as it adds up to an effective promotion in media for the placement of buttons. A fabulous specification is it uses pictures also, to share things under media while comparing others where you have to find one for images separately where Monarch does it for you in a well-designed manner.

  Customize the buttons on sharing as the count of display share also includes thus allowing you to perform this function also.

  • Social Warfare
Social Warfare

A full supporting and active plugin under WordPress page of sharing on social media criteria. It takes you to mind-blowing and high-tech modification in changing the icons of social media sharing for the site. Denotes on creating a inside tweetable post with quotes that shortens work for the owners to send and attach their messages accordingly along with the images or contents.

Social Warfare

A seamlessly quick add-on that never gives up to slow down normally. It has a tool that allows you to display the trending, most famous or popular terms on your site associated with the total number of shares. Also provides a detailed analysis of the data in social media to automate UTM tracing to all shared links so to keep monitoring on your social shares.

Social Warfare
  • Social Share and Locker Pro (WordPress Plugin)
Social Share and Locker Pro

  A permanent solve/solution for shout outs of your content on media sites also helping you to adjust icons of social media shares at certain places preferred by you with few clicks exactly. You can secure your contents by enclosing them with locks and unlocking them after viewers share them on media platforms.

It is generally associated with preliminary pre-attached themes that are always ready and developed with CSS3 and the world’s top most fonts classified still now.

Social Share and Locker Pro
  • AX Social Stream
AX Social Stream

This is a random plugin similar to the social share and Locker Pro plugin as its functionalities are almost the same almost. It allows users to merge all their activities under various sites to one single window and stream them in social media pages.

AX Social Stream

Supports nearly 15 upcoming networks on media and comprises 30 feed choices thus enhancing users to share them, post them under Facebook, tweet them or add them in Google and many other portals from your own site.

AX Social Stream
  • Social Stream for WordPress

Works like a super computer exactly as it has a built-in, super extraordinary feature on social media exclusive for WordPress alone. This stream add-on allows you to publish or display the required/necessary activities on social platforms with a brilliant touch on unique layouts and designs.

Social Stream for WordPress

Has a smart service with caching feature combined under the server to create fast and reliable contents and share them to web pages without any loading times that is instantly. Consider occasions when many tracks of the network are crossed or gradual traffic on your page alone.

Social Stream for WordPress
  • AccessPress Social Icons Pro
AccessPress Social Icons Pro

A famous media extension available in WordPress that gives access to your profiles on media with some eye-catching icons/buttons. Rapidly and instantly modifiable as you click on icons among the various built 12 carved sets of themes or select them from your own gallery. Find them easy as they have the capability to define and reduce the sizes of buttons, add certain and various effects along with a tip on tool. Joining the type of margins as a set and so on.

AccessPress Social Icons Pro

1.Ultimate Social Media Icon PLUS

Ultimate Social Media Icon PLUS

A completely modified exclusive sharing icons on WordPress in social media as it has an extended platform of more than 190 media sites to be inserted on your own site, including adding the general and converted icons on your page too.

Ultimate Social Media Icon PLUS

Try placing the icons on top or bottom places as per your wish in the contents hence allowing to display them on the home/ main tab. It consists of 16 designs of themes and icons to be selected from enhanced customization of anime only for the icons and the counter on the sharing options.

Ultimate Social Media Icon PLUS
  • Click To Tweet
Click To Tweet

A broader platform that has been utilized and an interesting plugin after all that makes the users feel comfortable using this kind of add-on under WordPress. The reason behind its popularity is as simple as it is easy to interact and work on especially when this extension develops changeable and tweetable contents under your post by just selecting a button/icon and forwarding them wherever you want it to proceed.

Click To Tweet

Hence you can get a clear vision and idea on the concept of opting out for the plugin to combine with your other media pages and share ads on those sites and according to the benefits choose wisely and make the best use them at all situations wherever necessary as each add-on has plenty more of functions than I discovered that makes you explore more obviously.

Click To Tweet

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