Top 10 backup plugins for WordPress

backup plugins for WordPress

Many WordPress users have faced the nightmare of losing their website data. Despite having hosting provider backups, relying solely on these may not be enough. Investing in the right WordPress backup plugin is crucial for all, regardless of business size, because the most expensive backup is the one you never did!

Choosing the WordPress Backup Plugin:

While you can manually backup your WordPress site through your hosting provider’s cPanel, using a WordPress plugin for additional automated backups is a wise choice. With numerous options available, selecting the right plugin can be tricky. Here’s what to look for in a WordPress backup plugin:

Backup Methods:

  • Database Backup: Some plugins only backup your WordPress database.
  • Complete Backup: Others allow you to backup your entire website, including the database and all files.
  • Scheduled Backup: Enables you to set up scheduled backups for automatic peace of mind.

Backup Location:

Back in the day, plugins stored backup files only on your server. Now, for enhanced security, good WordPress backup plugins support sending your backup files to remote locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.

Now, let’s delve into the top 10 WordPress backup plugins available in the market!

1.UрdrаftРlus Bасkuр аnd Restоrаtiоn :

UpdraftPlus allows you to restore your website’s functionality in one click, schedule backups, or split the backup process into multiple archives. It supports sending backups to various locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

2.BlоgVаult :

BlogVault offers regular website updates and offsite storage. With a multisite backup option, it’s ideal for managing multiple websites. BlogVault ensures 70% faster recovery times and provides staging tools for testing changes.

3.Bасkup WordPress :

Bасkuр WordPress

This comprehensive plugin is useful for migrating your site, offering scheduled backups, email notifications, and the option to download backups. You can upload backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3 for easy accessibility.

4.Bасkuр Buddy :

BackupBuddy allows you to schedule backups as needed and directs backup files to any offline storage destination. It simplifies the process of moving your WordPress site to another domain or host.

5.BасkWРuр Free :


BackWPup saves your website and files, sending them to external storage services like Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, S3 services, and FTP. It helps optimize your database and repair content if damaged.

6.Jetрасk Bасkuр :

Jetpack Backup offers real-time backups and allows you to restore from any backup point with one click. It simplifies website monitoring by logging every change, aiding in identifying issues quickly.

7.Duрliсаtоr :

Duplicator is a versatile backup plugin for duplicating, cloning, moving, and transferring entire sites. While requiring some technical knowledge, it works well for manual backups and specific sections of your site.

8.WР Time Сарsule :

WР Time Сарsule

WP Time Capsule reduces the time and storage needed for full-site backups, ensuring automatic backups for every change. It offers one-click restoration, real-time editing checks, and a staging feature for checking edits.

9.WР Dаtаbаse Bасkuр :

WР Dаtаbаse Bасkuр

WP Database Backup allows you to set up scheduled automatic backups and download them via your WordPress dashboard. It supports sending backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or FTP.

10.WРVivid :


WPVivid offers scheduled, automatic site backups and one-click restores and migrations. The plugin allows you to send backups to remote storage services and efficiently migrate websites or files.

Conclusion :

Undoubtedly, UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress backup plugin, offering complete backup solutions with essential features. Even the free version provides abundant features compared to other premium plugins.

If you opt for a premium WordPress backup plugin offering live backups whenever your files change, BackupBuddy is a solid choice. It also allows you to scan and repair common issues, adding a layer of protection. With its Stash feature, the plugin conserves server resources.

We hope this article helps you find the best WordPress backup plugins for your needs.

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