Top 10 Arduino Simulators For Windows

Arduino Simulators For Windows

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 Arduino simulators for Windows that will guarantee you a smooth experience.

Arduino simulators serve as an effective avenue for budding and professional circuit designers. Electronic students work around and play with their ideas without having the fear of damaging the board. It helps them to undertake risk-free trial and error procedures. This results in them saving loads of time and money. It proves to be an indispensable tool for designers and programmers.

They virtually portray in real-time how an Arduino would react to the circuit schematics. They even have a provision of line-to-line debugging. It enables users to know where they have gone wrong and effectively throws light on faulty programming.

Arduino simulators are compatible with any operating system (OS) and offer immense flexibility to the programmers. Let’s look at the 10 best performing Arduino simulators For Windows. This article provides the user with valuable inputs and a seamless experience while working on their computers.

1.Autodesk Eagle:

autodesk eagle

Autodesk Eagle boasts of several schematic editing tools. The PCB layouts enable the engineers/designers to have access to real-time design synchronization. In addition to this, the latest cutting-edge technologies such as DDR4, PCI Express, or USB-C are embedded for supporting the creation of attractive designs.



Proteus is easily one of the best in the market with its ability. It effectively simulates the interaction between software running on a microcontroller and the electronic components. Along with that it also stimulates the execution of your object code. This enables you to get a clearer and closer view with respect to your design programming. It boasts of several virtual instruments such as Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Function Generator, Pattern Generator, Counter Timer, and Virtual Terminal which help in providing top-notch simulation. It is one of the top free Arduino simulators for Windows.



Virtronics has various features which easily make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Be it its ability to imitate numerous software patterns and sketches such as Serial, LCD output, Ethernet, Servo, SD card, EEPROM, etc. or accommodating several loop functionalities, or enabling the designers to view the real-time variable and providing them with a two-dimensional array, the list is pretty lengthy, and guess what all of it is absolutely free. If you do want additional features you can always switch/upgrade for a Pro version. Lastly, you can customize the font, style, and size of the simulator, making it highly convenient.

4.Autodesk Circuits:

Autodesk circuits

Autodesk Circuits is slightly more beginner-friendly when compared to the above simulators. It enables you to carry out basic experiments in the Circuit Scribe or Electronics Lab. Autodesk makes way for realistic prototype designing by providing resistors, capacitors, and potentiometers, and all the other required instruments. It also has the provision for collaborative editing, therefore, ensuring the efficient functioning of a team. For the schematic designs you can choose from its wide library and its PCB layout also boasts of various silk screen tools such as copper trace, copper fill, via, and drill holes. It also enables 3D modeling through Tinkercad and thus makes it visually more attractive.



Fritzing is highly recommended for all those deeply passionate about electronics but have no prior knowledge or experience working on circuits. With its informative workshops and measures such as Fritz Fab, you can learn to create sketches and even turn them into PCBs at a very low cost. In addition, you can easily document your progress and see how your prototype is shaping up at every stage.



Paulware is regarded as one of the best Arduino simulators for Windows and guesses what it is absolutely free of cost. It comes with a LED momentary switch, 4-by-4 matrix keyboard, a jog dial, and several other components and is completely community built i.e. by a bunch of passionate programs who continuously update it with new and innovative features.



Emulare is regarded as the best Arduino simulator if you have a knack for working on multiple projects at once and wish to have zero lag or glitches. It contains ATMega microcontrollers, with embedded whole circuits with AVR memory elements, timers, LEDs, and other components such as buttons and switches. Emulate is completely free of cost and to an extent is beginner-friendly as well.



Yenka is mostly used by professionals programmers and designers to teach aspiring beginners the basics in an efficient and effective manner. It has all the necessary standard features which give the user a seamless experience but it may not be your choice if you have budget constraints and are looking for cheaper options as it is on the expensive side.


PS spice

PSpice is a widely used Arduino simulator for Windows(is cross-platform as well) as it begins from scratch and teaches the user effectively about Arduino programming with the user having to pay nothing. It comes with a standard set of features that provide for a good working experience. To unlock other attractive features, users can subscribe to a paid version.

10.Easy EDA:

easy EDA

Easy EDA does boast of some stellar features and is easy to use as well(beginner-friendly). It has a strong online presence with a close-knit and dedicated community of programmers constantly trying to innovate and seek further possibilities with Easy EDA. However with respect to the price, it is on the higher side, therefore if you’re looking for something light in your pockets then Easy EDA may not fit the bill.

This was our list of the best Arduino simulators for Windows. While subscribing to an Arduino simulator do take into consideration various factors such as the user-friendliness, design tools, and circuit layouts for making an optimum choice. Hope you enjoyed reading the article!! Feel free to type in your thoughts on the article in the comment box below.

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