Top 10 Antivirus Security Software for iOS

Antivirus Software for iOS

Viruses have been a big problem in the world, be it in terms of biological problems or digital problems they are nowhere behind in causing trouble to everyone.

Though we have solutions for one of these issues which we can solve easily by installing antivirus security software that is easily available for everyone to stop viruses from spreading and corrupting your system. So, here I have a list of the Top 10 Antivirus Software for iOS.

1.Avast Security & Privacy :

Avast Security & Privacy

Avast provides a version that is specifically designed for iOS devices. Avast is filled with loads of features like home network security, sandbox, smart scan, safe zone browser, anti-spam, data shredder, cyber capture, browser cleanup, secure DNS, firewall, and automatic software updater.

Besides security, this app also provides you with privacy options to protect passwords, secure photos, and checks wifi. Avast Security & Privacy helps you with tools to protect you every time you go online on your iPhone and iPad. The app has a 4.5-star rating on the AppStore.

2.Avira Mobile Security :

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is a single app for your security, privacy, and performance altogether. It can secure public WiFi connections, detect smart devices in your home network, and prevent Siri from recording your conversation. The latest update for Avast Mobile Security brought free VPN to their services that give 100MB of service daily. Features like system optimizer, identity protection, anti-theft, web protection, iOS updater, contacts backup, etc are a few of the security features this app provides. Avira is rated 4.2 on the App Store.

3.McAfee Mobile Security :

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security has antivirus for iOS which includes Wi-Fi privacy protection, safe web browsing, and a free secure media vault. The pricing for this app is INR 5500.

McAfee provides total protection which includes antivirus, firewall, spam filter, malicious URL blocking, file encryption, a password manager, secure file deletion, app, and web performance boosters, and free identity theft protection. Mcafee is rated 4.6 on AppStore.

4.Trend Micro Mobile Security :

4.Trend Micro Mobile Security :

Trend Micro provides you with mobile security solutions to keep your iOS device safe. The pricing for this app is INR 225 for 12 months. With advanced security features, Trend Micro has some of the best features to offer to its users.

Some of those features are email protection, safe online payments, enhanced web threat protection, privacy protection, and many more. This app even improves your device’s performance with the help of the optimization feature. The app check for malicious websites tracks ads to block them and blocks suspicious contents.

5.Lookout Mobile Security :

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout antivirus has many different versions available for its users. You can choose whichever subscription you want from the different features they provide on various plans. The pricing for Lookout Premium starts from INR 189 and goes up to INR 8500.

Lookout has the most comprehensive protection against mobile phishing and malicious content. Security & Privacy includes features like safe browsing, safe WiFi. Theft Protection includes breach reports, safeguarding personal and private information, and theft protection.

6.F-Secure SAFE :

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE provides internet security and iOS antivirus. It protects your iOS device from viruses that come from internet threats. The app protects you from fake websites, spyware, adware, phone theft, ransomware, etc.

Pricing for this app is around INR 1200. Few key features are the Child Protection algorithm, Locating your lost device, safe browsing.

7.Fyde Barracuda CloudGen Access :

Fyde Barracuda CloudGen Access

Barracuda CloudGen Access protects your privacy, identity, and wallet. It can prevent threats and block websites in real-time. This app continuously sends verification of user and device identity to reduce the attack surface. The app is free and is available on AppStore.

Features included are ensures business continuity, mitigates risk with remote access, enables remote work productivity, is quick to deploy zero-trust network access for your enterprise, accelerates DevOps and Kubernetes deployments, and simplifies compliance reporting. You can enable zero trust access to all your apps and data from any device and location.

8.Norton :


Norton Mobile Security for iOS starts at INR 999 for one year. It provides Wi-Fi Security, Web Protection, and Device Security. Other features include secure VPN, parental control, online threat protection, smart firewall, password manager, safe cam.

Norton guarantees 100% virus protection. The regular patch updates keep the app updated to face the latest threats. With the services, Noton offers it is easily the best antivirus software for iOS.

9.Bitdefender :


Bitdefender is a highly rated app for protecting iOS devices from threats and has good capabilities and tools to do so. The pricing for this app is not very high, it just costs you $15 for the basic subscription with premium features.

Features This app has in its arsenal are network protection, WiFi data theft protection that is you can safely use public WiFi for personal use, you can safely surf the web safely and anonymously. It even optimizes your device to work better, extends battery life. You have features to protect mobile devices from physical theft.

10.TotalAV :


TotalAV protects you from online threats through VPN and website filtering. This app uses anti-fraud and theft services like data breach alerts and device location trackers. It contains features like WebShield, Data Breach Check, Device Locator, System Security, secure search browsers, photo manager, battery monitor, private connection VPN, block dangerous website, applies across all web browser apps, and prevents social engineering attacks.

This app has a free version which makes TotalAV the best free antivirus software for iOS. Since the free version has limited features so it also has yearly subscription plans which cost INR 3999 with more features loaded in it.

IOS operating systems generally do not require any dedicated antivirus software because the devices are already optimized to not let any software access the OS. This is why most of these apps are loaded with features that are multipurpose and solve many security problems at the same time.

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