Top 10 Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress

Anti Spam Plugins

Introduction :

If you’ve ever written a WordPress blog or have simply set it up, you’ll presently see comments being bombarded by spammers, in addition, to promoting something or making an attempt to post malicious and spammy links on your website. These are all shady links that can harm your website.

This would possibly become a moderation nightmare unless you’ve got any anti-spam WordPress plugins. If you don’t take any action, these comments will simply lower the trust of your website for users in addition to search engines. Also makes the website look very unprofessional. So to help you guys are here the top 10 antispam plugins for wordpress

1) Akismet :


The most used and probably the best antispam plugin is non-other than Akismet. This WordPress plugin with the help of AI and machine learning can easily filter out spam and delete it directly without you ever seeing it. Akismet brings top-level spam security to your WordPress site. It has a free version and a premium one for businesses. Honestly don’t think much just get Akismet for WordPress and never worry about spam again.

2) Antispam Bee :

anti spam bee

Anti-Spam Bee is free to use plugin which is perfect for new and budget websites. It is free for individual and business use. So you can be protected from spam bots without any worries. The plugin is also GDPR compliant so you can use it without any privacy concerns about your data.

Antispam Bee is your friend for getting rid of spam for free

3) Hide My Wp :

hide my wp

Hidemywp goes above and beyond when it comes to concealing your WordPress website. It conceals your whole website site from hackers, spam bots, and malicious attackers by hiding all the sensitive information about your WordPress setup. It ensures all your important URLs such as wp-login, and renames the wp-administrator URL with other links to hide your login. It also prevents Sql injections and bots indirectly stopping all spam. You can use this tool with other tools in the list to make sure site spamproof

4) Cleantalk Spam Protection :

clean talk

Cleantalk Spam Protection has a free trial as well as a paid spam protection module. It’s a cloud-based WordPress antispam plugin that is lightweight and takes care of all the spam discretely. It’s not as good as Akismet but still pretty solid for a fee of 8$ per year for the premium version.

It stops spammers in other sections as well not only the comment section ensuring that your website stays bot and spam free.

5) Titan Antispam & Security :

titan antispam plugin

Titan Antispam and Security plugin is an antivirus combined with antispam. Not only does it secure your website it also stops all spam and comes with features such as a security scanner, firewalls, security reviews, Ip blocking, malware scanner, and file protection and recovery in case of an attack from hackers.

You can download it for free from the link below and get your WordPress website secured easily.

6) WP Bruiser :

wp bruiser

WPBruiser is another impressive WordPress antispam plugin and security plugin that helps protect your website from hackers and other malicious attackers. It has brute force protection and works with other apps as well.
It is not as famous due to the popularity of other plugins out shadowing WP bruiser

7) Wp Armour :

WP Armourer is a little different from your regular antispam. It uses javascript to create honeypots for bots and spammers and traps them using that. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. It works with all the popular contact forms as well.

8) Cerber Security, Antispam :

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

Another WordPress security suite that comes with its own spam protection, the Cerber Security WordPress plugin offers you everything the devices you require to take out spam while securing your WordPress site aginst hackers. It has antispam, bot logging, brute force protection as well as IP tracking to weed out the worst of the worst spam and attackers.

9) WordPress Zero Spam :

word press zero spam

WordPress Zero Spam as the name suggests a lightweight anti-spam plugin that disables most spam on the website via its javascript modules to prevent bots and spammers. You can simply install and set the settings once. And never look back again. Pretty easy and simple to use. Its AI algorithms analyze and detect spam bots so you can be spam-free even in the future.

10 ) Stop Spammers :

stop spammers

Stop Spammers Spam Prevention plugin is another good choice for anti-spam measures. It comes with brute force assistance and IP tracking etc to prevent spam and malicious attackers from targeting the website. It has plenty of modes and features to block spam. It has over 50 different options to stop spam and thus can be a bit overwhelming for newbies. Still all in all a great plugin for Antispam.

That’s all folks. These were the top antispam plugins recommended by ST Media for WordPress website owners. If you have any more suggestions do let us know in the comment section below.

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