Top 10 anti adblocker plugins

anti adblocker plugins

After all, everyone dislikes advertisements, Unless you require them to make a living. Advertising has to devise new strategies for promoting and selling their items. Therefore we need anti-adblocker plugins.
Here are Top 10 anti-adblocker plugins.

1.Adblock Notify

Adblock Notify demonstrates that adblockers are aware of strategies to prevent ad blockers from being used on blogs and websites. They are working hard to keep the advertisements away. It is invisible and prevents ad blockers from detecting the notification popup.

Create popups with jQuery or custom JavaScript. A little popup will appear whenever someone visits your site and does not have your site URL on their whitelist. It will explain why you want the visitor to add your site to their whitelist. Adblock Notify is sufficiently adaptable to allow you to make the notification procedure as user-friendly as feasible.

2.NS AdBlock Blocker.

NS AdBlock Blocker

Seeing a large number of visitors use ad blockers is not a pleasant experience for the webmaster. You can now discover users that have installed ad-blocking extensions in their browsers using NS AdBlock Blocker. This anti-ad blocker plugin is a free WordPress plugin for blocking ad blockers that is compatible with all online browsers.

NS, at the very least, should whitelist your website and then return. NS AdBlock Blocker even allows you to reroute a user who has an ad blocker activated to a prohibited page. You can use the default page or create your own.

3.AdBlock X

AdBlock X

AdBlock X WordPress plugin functions similarly to Google Analytics, but for adblockers. It provides you with a comprehensive dashboard full of information, numbers, and percentages concerning the impact of adblockers on your site.

AdBlock X provides information about unique visitors, visitors with adblockers, page views with an adblocker active, and how many times the blocker was removed. The UI is very user-friendly, and it also includes visualizations like grids and charts. This plugin allows you to generate custom messages in which you can request that people whitelist your website. You can also customize how the messages are displayed.

4.Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice

A small plugin that displays a notification if the visitor is using an adblocker. You must upgrade to premium for certain more features, which costs $5. It allows you to modify the notification message, title, and the sites where the notice appears.

Simple Adblock Notice also has a “Strict mode” option that hides the entire page until the user disables their adblocker. This option makes your WordPress website inaccessible until adblockers are no longer detected.

5.Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a robust anti-adblocker plugin with many options and functionalities. It enables you to begin monetizing your websites while also preventing ad blockers from hiding your adverts. In any case, when presenting a pop-up informing them that an adblocker is identified, use imaginative and compelling phrasing to persuade them to disable it.

If you use the multi-functional Ad Inserter correctly, you may take your web project to new heights. Even if you are new to any of this, the right tool eliminates the requirement for prior experience. You can do it all in a user-friendly manner, and it will be successful.

6.Block AdBlock:

Block AdBlock

Block AdBlock is fast, simple to use, and configure. You can install it, then go to your wp-admin menu and click on Kill AdBlock Settings, and a basic uncomplicated window will appear.

Check or uncheck all of your settings, then click Save Changes. By employing it, you will prevent people from viewing your website’s content until they disable their ad blocker.

7.Ad Blocking Detector

Ad Blocking Detector

This anti-Adblock WordPress plugin takes a novel approach to adblocking. It provides you with some shortcodes to communicate with your visitors that use adblockers. Your visitors will only be able to read your content if their ad blocking software is turned off.

You may add the Ad Blocking Detector widget to any Widget Area by dragging it there, then selecting one of the available shortcodes and saving it.

8.Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a complete advertising solution for your website. Not only that, but Advanced Ads goes above and above by keeping your ads running even if viewers use ad blockers. Today, though, it is the anti-ad blocker that is most important to all of us.

After all, we are all attempting to show banners to at least the bulk of our traffic. Advanced Advertising ads blocking detection software combats ad blockers so that your ads can continue to be shown to your loyal audience. If you choose, you can also redirect your users and display them alternative content.
There are numerous choices and solutions available to boost your page’s monetization.


AdRotate is a plugin that easily integrates banner adverts into your website or blog. You can utilize AdRotate to its maximum extent regardless of your talents or level of web development. It is simple to use, making it ideal for both novice and advanced users.

AdRotate not only helps you monetize your page but also prevents ad blockers from hiding your advertising.

10.Ad Blocking Advisor

Ad Blocking Advisor

Ad Blocking Advisor adds a notification box to your website that appears solely for users who have ad-blocking software installed on their browsers. The notification’s goal is to advise your visitors to whitelist your website.

Whitelisting implies that your advertising will be shown, which means more cash to keep you motivated to generate more content. Ads.js installs a hidden DIV in your site’s footer so you will never notice it. If the div does not load because it is blocked, the plugin will display a warning banner.


We have provided you with a list of the Top 10 anti adblocker plugins
So, we hope you will be able to choose the ideal one for your site. Hopefully, the list can help you monetize your content while increasing the legitimate visitors to your site.

These plugins are simple to use, much easier to install, and produce results. Take your time deciding between the best and selecting the best plugin for your website. Select the best according to your needs.

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