Top 10 Android Ad Blocker Tools

Android Ad Blocker Tools

In the present world, the internet has become a major source of entertainment, sports or comedy, or enjoying your favorite series or movies online, it has never failed to help us. Or Studying from the most popular sites, and searching for your doubts, the internet plays a vital role in almost every aspect.

But imagine you are searching for an important doubt or enjoying the climax of your movie and those annoying ads come to spoil your mood, terrifying right?

Everyone is tired of those time-consuming Ads each time we step in to do something important. Sometimes there are even ads at minute intervals, enough to make you lose your mental calm.

As we can’t add extensions to our Android blocking ads in Android gets difficult as we first have to root our devices and then install other modules. Luckily we have Adblocker tools for your Android device, after going through several online reviews we have finally come up with the top 10 Android Adblocker tools.



The first tool that tops the list is  AdLock, as the name itself suggests it locks the ads and prevents those annoying time taking ads from reaching you. Hence you get a better internet experience without any useless hindrance and faster loading of information as ads increase the loading time. It also provides you with security related to phishing or malicious acts.

It also offers you safe browsing, anti-tracking, malware, and spyware services, so much in only one app would surely lock you up in this option. Its installation process is a bit different from others, it is only available on its official AdLock website, from where we have to download it. Though it’s not free you can get a free trial of 14 days which can be extended up to 30 days upon registering yourself.



AppBrain as the name suggests is seriously an app with a brain. It not only detects ads but also stores them in its memory and prevents the same ad from reappearing again. It also provides privacy to the users. When it detects an ad, it automatically starts and helps you understand the publicity networks.



The next app that comes on the list is named AdGuard. This app comes with several features making it attractive to the users. It not only takes care of ads but also offers cleaning. It can even block ads in mobile games. Its features include firewall configuration and security against malware and phishing scams. To get this app you have to download a .apk file from their site.



AdAway takes you far away from those disturbing ads that you have been running till now. It works only for those users who have rooted their phones. This app not only removes ads but also removes popups, advertisements, etc.

5.AdBlocker Browser

AdBlocker Browser

Next comes this amazing app that vanishes app and saves you from heating your head. This app even removes video ads, chrome ads, phishing scams, etc. It offers complete privacy for browsing.

6. Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus

This app is considered to be the most popular among users. It is suitable both for rooted and non-rooted devices. It is mainly downloaded as an extension. Overall it is the best option you can surely go for. This app guarantees to make you experience a cleaner, faster web and complete blockage of unwanted ads.

It allows acceptable Ads by default to support websites. This is completely free of cost. All these features answer the query about it being one of the best.

7. Browsers with ad-block

Browsers with ad-block

This app completely clears offensive ads from the browsers, which other apps fail to clear. This is one of the best options that will surely give you relief from unwanted and offensive ads. Some examples of web browsers with ad blocks include Firefox Focus, Kiwi Browser, Samsung Browser, etc.

8. Block this

Block this

This is a completely free have that works similar to Adblock Plus and AdGuard but it uses DNS blocking instead of a filter. This unique feature saves data as almost all the work is done before the data reaches the Android device. This is user-friendly and is as simple as just tapping a button.

Only it asks you to activate the app phone as soon as your phone is turned on. Though not the best of all still it is one of the favorable options you can go for.

9. Ad Detector

Ad Detector

Here comes another suitable app for you to get rid of those annoying, troublesome ads that have been taking your time and vibes for a long. It’s the most convenient app which informs you about the apps showing ads on your phone.

10. Using Private DNS

Private DNS is meant to effortlessly detect ads, block them, and save you from sensitive content on the internet. And setting it up on your Android device is quite easy which makes it user-friendly.

So some of the best apps have been discussed which is surely going to give you satisfaction and save you from those annoying Ads that distract you from heading towards your goal. You can go through each of them to find the one that suits you most. Presently many new apps are coming with enhanced features but the above-mentioned ones are safe and the reliable options out there would surely resolve your problem.

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