Top 10 Age Verification Plugins for WordPress

Top 10 Age Verification Plugins

In today’s digital age, where online content is easily accessible, maintaining a responsible and ethical online environment is crucial. An age verification plugin is not only a legal requirement but also plays a pivotal role in protecting minors, upholding brand reputation, and fostering a secure online experience for all users. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 age verification plugins for WordPress, each offering unique features to help you meet legal compliance and provide a safer browsing environment.

1.Age Gate

age gate

Age Gate stands out as an effective age restriction plugin for WordPress. It automatically grants access to content for bots and crawlers, safeguarding your site’s SEO. The plugin allows you to gate specific content based on your criteria, offering flexibility in choosing verification methods such as form responses, selections, or simple yes/no options.

2.Age Checker

Age Checker

Age Checker is a user-friendly plugin that accomplishes its goals seamlessly. With a variety of layouts and customizations to choose from, it ensures an aesthetically pleasing experience. The plugin even allows diverting users who don’t meet the age criteria to a separate page, preventing any loss of visitors. It’s mobile-friendly and provides real-time previews for changes, making it a premium choice at $18.


Age verify

AgeVerify caters to those on a budget, offering a free version on the plugin repository. While the free version includes ads, a Pro upgrade at $49.00 per year removes them. Compatible with both WordPress and Shopify, AgeVerify may lack some customization compared to others, but the cost-effective solution makes it an attractive option.

4.Age Verification Modals

Age Verification Modals

Age Verification Modals, an add-on for the WP Popup Maker plugin, provides control over site access. As a modal, it eliminates concerns about page loading and caching interference. With a claimed 5-minute setup time, this paid plugin at $35 (base plugin available for free) allows you to hide entire sections and subdomains with ease.


agy age verification plugin

Agy is a WooCommerce plugin designed to enhance your e-commerce store’s user-friendliness. This free plugin allows registered users to bypass content locks, making it convenient for legal-age customers. Upgrading to the Pro version for $69.99 opens up additional features, making it a valuable asset for diverse product offerings.

6.Elfsight’s Age Verification app

Elfsight’s Age Verification app

Elfsight’s Age Verification app is a simple yet effective age restriction plugin. As a script, it offers easy implementation by copying and pasting into your website. The free version allows up to 200 views, with a yearly cost of $60 for continued use.

7.Age Verification System for WordPress

Age Verification System for WordPress

The Age Verification System for WordPress plugin, priced at $19, offers an array of features. It allows the display of lockouts based on different conditions, including custom post types and WooCommerce product categories. With over 20 responsive themes, it provides styling options to keep your brand intact. The plugin is a bit outdated so is not that recommended by us.

8.Dispensary Age Verification

Dispensary Age Verification is an add-on for the WP Dispensary plugin, providing a lightweight yet versatile age gate for your site. The real-time preview feature in the native WordPress Customizer ensures easy customization, and the age gate activates on the visitor’s first site visit, regardless of landing page.

9. Easy Ma**juana Age Verify

Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Easy Ma**juana Age Verify is a versatile plugin allowing specific age settings for each user on your website. Compatible with various websites, including WooCommerce shopping carts and WordPress blogs, it offers quick installation and operation, making it a valuable asset for various online platforms.



CPS verifies visitors’ durations by displaying data in a popup upon site visit. Users can choose to continue or go to another URL, enhancing user experience. With multiple popup styles and themes, it ensures a visually appealing age verification process.


In conclusion, while each age verification plugin has its merits, Age Gate emerges as a top recommendation, offering a balanced combination of functionality and aesthetics. However, choosing any of these plugins ensures that underage visitors won’t access your content, providing legal compliance and peace of mind for website owners.

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