Top 10 age restriction plugins

age restriction plugins

Are you running a website that requires age restriction? Whether you have a membership site catering to specific age groups or want to protect sensitive content from underage visitors, implementing an age verification plugin is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 age verification plugins for your website, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

1.Age Gate

Age Gate stands out as a top-notch age restriction plugin for WordPress. This tool automatically grants access to bots and crawlers, safeguarding your site’s SEO. You have the flexibility to choose which content to gate based on your criteria, and the use of shortcodes enables you to block specific pieces of content within existing pages or posts. Customize the verification input sequence and type to seamlessly integrate with your site.

2. Age Checker

Age Checker

Looking for a simple yet effective solution? Age Checker has you covered. With a user-friendly interface, this plugin offers various beautiful layouts and customizations. You can even use animated backgrounds for added aesthetic appeal. Age Checker allows you to divert users who don’t meet your criteria to a separate page, ensuring you only show relevant content. This premium plugin comes at a cost of $18.


For those on a budget, AgeVerify is a free age restriction plugin available on the plugin repository. While the free version is ad-supported, a Pro upgrade at $49.00 per year removes these ads. Compatible with both WordPress and Shopify, AgeVerify may not offer extensive customization, but the affordable Pro upgrade allows you to tailor the plugin to your needs.

4.Age Verification Modals

Age Verification Modals

Powered by the WP Popup Maker plugin, Age Verification Modals provide extensive control over access to your site. As a modal, it eliminates concerns about page loading, refreshing, or cache interference. The $35 extension, coupled with the free base plugin, lets you evaluate the functionality before committing to the age-restriction feature.



Agy, a WooCommerce plugin, enhances the user-friendliness of your e-commerce store. Catering to various products, it allows registered users to bypass content locks. If your customers are all of legal age, Agy ensures immediate access. The plugin is free, and an upgrade to the Pro version is available at $69.99.

6.Elfsight’s Age Verification app

Elfsight’s Age Verification app

Elfsight’s Age Verification app offers a straightforward and lightweight age restriction solution. Simply copy and paste the script into your website, and the verification window appears upon entry. The plugin allows up to 200 views on a single site for free, with an annual cost of $60 for continued usage.

7.Age Verification System for WordPress

Age Verification System for WordPress

Priced at $19, the Age Verification System for WordPress plugin provides a plethora of features. Display the lockout under different conditions, including custom post types, specific blog posts, categories, and WooCommerce product categories. With over 20 responsive themes, you can style your blocker, maintaining a branded look.

8.Dispensary Age Verification

 8.Dispensary Age Verification

An add-on for the WP Dispensary plugin, Dispensary Age Verification offers a lightweight yet versatile age gate for your entire site. The plugin displays the age barrier on a visitor’s first visit, allowing real-time previews of changes through the WordPress Customizer. Activate the plugin, customize your age gate, and you’re set.

9.Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Looking for specific age settings for each user? Easy Marijuana Age Verify allows quick installation and operation, compatible with various websites, including WooCommerce shopping carts, cannabis farmers, blogs, and WordPress. The plugin, ready to use with a legal disclaimer as an option, ensures a seamless user experience.

10.CPS Age Verification :

CPS Age Verification

CPS Age Verification enhances the visitor experience by presenting a popup with information upon site entry. Visitors can choose to continue or go to another URL by clicking yes or no. The plugin offers flexibility with popup styles and themes, allowing customization based on specific scenarios.


In conclusion, choosing the right age verification plugin depends on your specific needs. While Age Gate offers a balance of functionality and aesthetics, options like AgeVerify and Age Checker cater to different budgets and preferences. Rest assured that regardless of your choice, these plugins will effectively keep underage visitors from accessing your content.

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