Top 10 WordPress Advertising Management Plugins


Ever wonder how sites like Mashable, Yahoo, and even AOL stay in business? Apart from offering email services, these websites primarily produce free content, yet they generate substantial revenue. The secret? Advertisements.

If you own or operate a WordPress website, you too can tap into this revenue stream by selling ad space. However, managing multiple ads and tracking their success can become challenging. To help you navigate this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 WordPress ad management plugins. Read on to discover the features, pricing, and benefits of each plugin, and find the perfect fit for your site.

1. Ads Pro Plugin

Price: $57

Ads Pro Plugin

If you desire complete control over the ads on your WordPress site, Ads Pro Plugin is an excellent choice. With over 25 pre-made ad templates and 20 different display formats, this plugin offers unparalleled customization. The admin panel provides insights into live ads, revenue, and performance metrics.

While a powerful tool, it’s geared towards advanced users, so beginners might face a steeper learning curve. If you prioritize a quicker setup or a more budget-friendly option, consider other plugins on this list.

2. Ad Inserter

Price: Free, with premium plans available

 Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter provides numerous options for ad placement on your website, supporting Adsense, Google Ads Manager, and Amazon Native Shopping Ads. While feature-rich, it requires some coding knowledge for optimal use.

With options to insert ads before or after paragraphs, comments, images, or at the end of posts, Ad Inserter offers flexibility. However, beginners may find its coding requirements challenging, making it more suitable for experienced users.

3. Advanced ads pro

Price: $21

Advanced offers a custom ad builder with advanced features, allowing you to create visually appealing ads quickly. Despite its user-friendly design, it has numerous tools and customization. Advanced Ads is a great plugin that makes it easier to manage your ads, display them in the right locations, and target the right users. If you are someone who is already making a decent income from their blog, using pro addons will further optimize your revenue.

4. AdRotate

Price: Free, with premium plans available


AdRotate is a versatile plugin suitable for beginners dipping their toes into online ads. The free version includes essential ad management features, such as organizing ads into groups and tracking clicks and impressions. Some premium features are available with a paid subscription.

While some users find AdRotate tricky to use, it’s worth mastering for its valuable features. Keep in mind that certain advanced features are only accessible in the premium version.

5. Adning Advertising

Price: $29

Adning Advertising

Formerly known as WP PRO Advertising System, Adning Advertising specializes in managing banner ads. It supports easy banner creation using Gutenberg, WPBakery, or Elementor, with a drag-and-drop file uploader for quick uploads.

Despite being 100% responsive, Adning Advertising has been reported to have several bugs and lacks comprehensive support documentation. This makes it more suitable for experienced developers than beginners.

6. Quick Adsense

Price: Free

 Quick Adsense

Designed specifically for Adsense, Quick Adsense is a simple, free, and easy-to-use plugin. It supports random ad placement on your site, preventing ad blindness. However, it has limitations, allowing you to manage only 10 ads at a time, making it suitable for quick and straightforward solutions.

Consider Quick Adsense if you primarily use Google Adsense and prefer a hassle-free experience. For those seeking more customization options, other plugins on this list might be more suitable.

7. Corner Ad

Price: Free, with premium plans available

Corner Ad stands out for its minimally invasive yet attention-grabbing corner ads. Ideal for notifications or promotions without occupying valuable content space, this plugin is easy to install and customize.

While excellent for creating corner ads, Corner Ad has limited functionality beyond that. If your advertising needs to extend to banners or pop-up ads, you might need to complement it with another plugin.

8. Ads by WPQuads

Price: Free

For a simple ad management solution, Ads by WPQuads is designed to place ads on your website, Intuitive for beginners, it eliminates the need for a complex ad interface. WP QUADS is coded well with no overhead and is used on huge websites with millions of monthly page impressions. They even added the following new tools

  • Web Stories Integration
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • GDPR & Privacy tools

9. AdSanity

Price: $49/year (Basic Plan), $149/year (All-in-One Plan), $489 (All-in-One Plan for life)


AdSanity is a premium option suitable for both Adsense and self-hosted ads. It features a visual editor, custom widgets, shortcodes, and built-in ad blocker protection. The premium version unlocks advanced ad management features, making it ideal for sites aiming for significant ad revenue.

Consider AdSanity if you’re serious about maximizing ad revenue. However, for those looking for a simpler or free option, alternatives on this list might be more cost-effective.

10. WP-Insert

Price: Free

WP-Insert is a free and easy-to-install plugin with baseline features for ad management. It supports Google Adsense, Page-Level ads, manual ad positioning, and A/B testing. However, being a free plugin, it may lack some premium features crucial for advanced online advertising.

Ideal for those seeking a simple solution, WP-Insert might not be suitable for extensive online advertising efforts. If you’re serious about investing in online ads, consider a paid alternative with advanced features.

Generating Ad Revenue With a WordPress Plugin

Depending on your site’s content and traffic, ad revenue can be a lucrative avenue. Selecting the right WordPress ad management plugin is crucial for success. Explore the options on this list, consider your site’s needs, and start generating ad revenue today.

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