Best Plugins for Affiliate Link Manager in WordPress

Best Plugins for Affiliate Link Manager

This is a kind of activity associated with the plugins to help the affiliates maintain the multiple URL of their contents posted on the advertiser’s website. They manage the relationship between a retailer and agents hence the gateway for preserving every individual ID of affiliates so they earn credits for our specific brand in the media platform (advertiser’s website).

So, you might have grasped some knowledge regarding the links and benefits of using WordPress along with its different kinds of links that help the affiliates in numerous ways. If you are to do multi-tasking actions that in turn make you profitable you can believe blindfolded. Hence briefing the top links managers can help you adopt the plug-ins smarter and use them efficiently.

1. Thirsty Affiliates                  

Thirsty Affiliates 

A famous affiliate/affiliate link managing plugin that manages your links of affiliates just like that is very simple. It mostly reduces the size of every URL of affiliates making them precise and directing to the original advertising website directly without any unwanted pop-ups. You will be able to set up codes/links that direct you to a new portal when tapped on it by the cursor.

Also, insert affiliate links for existing pages of a website by just simple options. These are some add-ons to this plug-in. Make sure you have your link of referral to this affiliate to refer other individuals that help to manage and promote your link on other sites and by suggestion also.

It is useful to modify your updated links previously without searching every post and editing them a person. A fully automated one that by default does every work hence no one needs to monitor things happening as these features are totally free including the application but for its full tools and premiums you need a higher version of it. (PRO VERSION).

2. URL Shortener Pro

URL Shortener Pro

 Similar to the functionalities of the above one, its main course is to shorten the size of every link in your post that has been stored under your dashboard. You can also produce a separate link by using this platform that makes it easier for people looking for some marketing affiliates to stick on to your future posts and other sites of media.

You can ascend the links according to the category that is stored under one data location instead of saving each file under different locations of the application so you find them all under one shell. It contains redirects to headers with separate tabs to be opened instead of the currently running one.

You can edit huge links to your multiple posts at the same time all at once which is rejoiced by most of the editors while doing this task There are abundant built-in features in this free plugin but if you are in need of more than that a subscription is required at $29.

3. Thrive Leads

thrive leads

A little bit advanced platform that manages links of the marketers/affiliates more efficiently than others. A typical kind of affiliate that enables users to use an email list via it so users can gradually read their emails by clicking on these links that will take them to your desired ad-posted page. A well-versed feature from WordPress that organizes and manage all your links wholly.

It enhances your work in opting for awesome formats and makes them appear based on your choices enabled only in your posts or links that you choose.

It has a sub-feature named Smart Links that locates the person who viewed your link have they followed/subscribed to you or not. You have choices to make if they act both ways. That is if they didn’t follow up on yours you can send them some note suggesting that they support your page and offer them something new items if they are interested in opting for your links and brands.

Originated from Thrive Suite offering its advanced tools at $19 every month so you avail yourself of the controls of building themes, Optimizing.

4. Ads Pro

Ads Pro

This is a poster managing plugin that is provided as a full service for affiliate marketers and retailers. A very useful plug-in for WordPress in displaying banners, posters, and brochures that attract consumers or viewers. Any kind of advertisement can be done by combining other plug-ins or by designing your own pictures for the various programs of affiliates.

The main role is to manage your ads by their links and by categorizing them under one collection based upon the first one to last criteria. They pile up your multiple ads and suggest users try them by providing links and tags below hence triggering their anxiety more. 

It intrudes through the facility of blocking ads to view your content display in one out of 20 ways exactly. It concludes with some types of ads which only a few have been listed below.

  1. Sliding Ads
  2. Solo Ads
  3. General ads
  4. Combined ads
  5. Sidebar ads

Cropping things is very straight and transparent including capping of ads and multiple scheduling choices. Your preferences can be made based on your choices/selections. The usual license of this plug-in starts from $57 with extra support.

5. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars

This plugin generally pop-ups with notification messages for random users in a specific browser/portal created or modified by the affiliates with such updates to do so as it shows the offer of an affiliate person in which they are presently active in catching viewers.

This is a hassle-free process as you can directly change colors and the position of bars. You can edit the pop-up to appear as per your choice on which platform it should appear (Facebook, Google visitors, LinkedIn, Twitter).

You explore the depth of amazing things as you unlock them with a fee of $29 for unlimited access to usage. This is mainly using pop-ups of your ordered links and posts shared so far on websites to appear in other portals as a part of the promotion of brands and to have a sequence of your managed links from earlier till current.

Generally, it monitors the outbound links (links that take you to external sites) of your own tags and shares allowing you to make changes by updating anchor texts or discarding links totally. You can remove the site’s link since the text of the anchor is intact. Simply use or discard the nofollow tag associated with taking actions together as a whole of all the processes mentioned above for your dashboard activity that you have broadcasted.

Include domains to your whitelist which automatically takes off links from other ads and adds nofollow also. You have a blacklist where you can stop or block links from certain domains whereas others remain the same.

Targets on managers in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who tracks external links which help in specializing your creation of content by comparing other ads.

WP Affiliate Link Manager

It provides favorable links in your keywords according to the choice decided by the User (affiliate marketer, retailer) an additional benefit for marketers is to use the links in their words and to convert them into revenue through the marketing.

  Can add custom links to whatever keyword in the site allotting spaces for posts to link with the codes/link of the page content. Easy usage of UI in the background without limit for links and keywords to be included.

Power Links – Internal Link Manager

This is the most efficient one overall in this list that allows you to create your own website or a blog that can be interlinked with inner links as well as content links possibly. With a specific word, you can link any link that matches accurately with this specific word in the entire site or blog. This also supports managing your links for blogs internally. You can make restrictions by categorizing so you avoid irrelevant things. Free of cost to utilize its features and tools.

ts, help affiliate marketers to improve more with their promotion via links.

09. Lasso

This is a linking plugin managing feature but it does a little bit more advanced work than a link manager in helping to develop custom links that are being displayed. Also updating things from servers like Amazon regarding the products info.

Makes you aware of the broken lines and keeps counts on clicks assured in creating vanity links and ignoring unused links or keywords for a long time thus organizing and ordering links to create a display grid in your webpage.

A genuine, free and best link manager of plug-ins especially for WordPress that gives access to full control of all the outside links in your blogs. Try to set custom titles for links and icons for all the external links. You can find the style of the outside links made simple under this plugin. Define your CSS style of the class by just writing the custom name and class you need to keep for all the external links.

 An advanced and beginner-friendly platform where users can explore on their own without any confusion and start learning it. Exclusive for all affiliates to help make and create various custom links or names to desired blogs or links whether it is internal or external.

Conclusion :

I have mentioned the top best among the manager link plug-ins that are user-friendly and compatible for random users from freshers to amateurs so they can work on it without any support or guidance from external areas.

 Some have to be paid while some its absolutely free and stress-free combined with assistance for helping out marketers, merchants, and viewers or bloggers who are interested in working on various purposes.

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