Best Classified AMP Plugins Under Top 10

Definition of AMP

Best Classified AMP Plugins Under Top 10

A general open-source chassis that provides access to all web pages and browsers including applications to help you run your link/site instantly on any handy gadgets like mobiles, tablets.

Uses of AMP

In a general vision they work for any specific platform like WordPress in a preprogrammed manner to include some functionality that is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (Google AMP Project) in your original page of WP site. It focuses on hassle-free browsing and by reliable searching to run faster for visitors in Mobile versions.

This plugin takes you around a couple of clicks to enter an actual site through your phone itself. It automatically modifies/changes any template or content on your page. After enabling you find every post of yours comes with an amp version thus inserting amp to the end of the post URL of every content of your advertisements becomes easy.

It also enhances the buffering/loading time of any individual site or on WP site also.

A specialized, powerful tool that appeal various optimizations to produce the best use out of it automatically on your page allowing free and simple access to accomplish a better experience of the viewers.

A weighted advantage is, if you can work on an offline AMP supported by their team that helps you impose the power of it in any website including WordPress that seems to be integrated endlessly with the ordinary publish stream hence apt to use the existing plugins and themes.

Key Features of AMP plugin

  1. Importing a valid AMP for every post with markup

This feature allows and enhances users to maintain their workflow standard in any general website that is also associated with WordPress users and pages. These codes of amp can be generated quickly to any of your activity/post including links that take some load time to be directed to real pages.

  • Has an advanced tool validation

Users can deal with the inadequate features of any plugin with these amp’s as they work perfectly for multi-purpose and solo performance such as identifying, circumstantial and sorting out different kinds of issues.

  • Support in developing your webpage

It becomes easy for marketers, affiliates and owners of sites including bloggers to emphasize to build a comfortable user-friendly and ecosystem element and develop tabs, guide/solutions along with a compatibility built under AMP.

  • Assistance for AMP pages

Thus, helping out at ease for every owner of site to enhance advantage of redirection in phones from AMP-to-AMP linking to the optimization of future developing and integrating by default via PHP port of AMP Optimizer

  • A key turner

For all the blocks of WordPress site for creators as they help to telecast/publish your ads from zero to preferrable AMP pages in less then seconds nonetheless of the technical support or the present resources to be utilized.

There are template modes available in three different nodes such as Standard mode, Reader mode and Transitional mode that comprises special benefits for readers and creators including bloggers where they work for different purposes on these platforms.

  1. Standard mode is a category of template that is an ideal feature that gives service to only one request feature/service and a one side request from the site as a version (AMP). You can authorize every place to be an AMP enabling an improved benefit of lowering growth and maintenance cost. A best option for places with themes and plugins is comprised of complete AMP functionalization.
  1.  Transitional mode is another mode of a single theme where two modules of pages can be combined and utilized (AMP and non-AMP). The theme works actively under a specific URL for those two versions; the site is fully active if that is not fully AMP compatible under a theme. Users accessing these sites get through these AMPs this gets an optimized experience that maintains a non-AMP look version.
  1. Reader mode can be adapted when you use an inappropriate AMP that has least compatibility engaged with two versions without elegant degradation. I want a simplified and robust work that flows in allowing me to take advantage with minimum effort of AMP.

You can try taking backups of your website versions and making assurance that it can be used under a hosting environment and also matches the goals as per your requirement in the site. Have a handy developer in hand to be cautious on configurations and the working along with your theme. So let us quickly have a look on to best AMP that can match up to your capacity and fastness of site.

Types of AMP Plugin

The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress

  If your mentality of choosing an AMP is not stable and delicate opting for the plugin then selecting a designed add-on AMP by the very own official AMP project to work is the best sort of selection after all as the suitable capabilities help you to find your requirement fulfilled or to opt out for some other plug-in.

You can find that it can work on core and in-depth themes as it is compatible under Twenty Twenty AMP plugins also. So, it guesses and figures out the issues and the components behind it helping you to rectify them manually as the automation of AMP markup insertion isn’t always possible.

   A specialized toll is equipped under this plugin where you can take away/remove any kind of waste streaming style sheets (CSS) to maintain mandated AMP limit (50k). The mini version of it however in writing contributes you to modify, include and produce stories of AMP. Utilization on the all three modes can be done by configuring the tool according as follows

In standard mode, an entire page can be adopted to this plugin while running as you can multitask by combining all types of content. Followed by the reader section, where you generate posts with random and easy designs that are up to standards of AMP. Every page has a usual URL associated with an AMP URL.

  Transitional always gives out outcomes in AMP and non-AMP with the current view and feel that enhances you to take up plugin hassle free and work on it randomly that is free of cost. Feel happy as you often get the updates regarding the plugin as it is a greatest factor for favor.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

One of the AMP plugins that has a record of highest rated among the plugins for WP especially. Also chosen as a better one on the rating systems than the one produced by the project itself. You can find a number of features for this add-on as a rich feature that comprises support from AdSense group, an advertisement plugin tool. It is visible that a transparent three-layer support is provided via various ways (call, e-mail, contact form) to support and rectify your queries.

An essential tool to convert your web-portal into a multi-functioning app under android and iOS to fulfill digital marketing requirements for the best of all in performance to be sure. This gradually goes through all kinds of SEO optimization only under plugins of WordPress (WordPress SEO plugins) including SEOPress, Yoast SEO, Rank Math and much more.

It works on integrating in joining hands with WooCommerce, a top plugin for WordPress generally. To view your market, sell things online, as it features you to give a competitive advantage. They do offer assistance premium to get their hands on your work and make running.

AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress

A new joiner in the library of a whole section of AMP plugins used that has a fair usage of it and a genuine one that has been released by the SEO engine ‘Google’ itself. Since it has been uploaded recently it has got only a thousand downloads still now.

They are focused on holding up the promise made up of AMP WP plugin to make it a 5 time faster reliable load along with the plugin. You can find an endless stream of utility under Yoast SEO as it is compatible cent percent. They offer certain other features that you need to know:

  1. Support on GDPR (specially for Europe)
  2. Kind of Slider facility support
  3. Viewing the posts related to contents for other pages or by browsing
  4. Assistance and support provided for other/third party analytics (similar to Google Analytics)
  5. Feature to modify/configure AMP for certain tags and categories.
  6. Stick header as a non-mandatory one along with lightboxes on Images.

WeeblrAMP CE

A topnotch plugin that travels beyond these plugins mentioned so far offering some in depth features thus permit one to create an AMP of complete version from this plugin for your whole page/site.

Especially weeblrAMP amalgamate with some simple advanced tools that you can look into is Disqus, Google Analytics, Tag Manager of Google, Pixels from Facebook, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WooCommerce associated with Gravity and Contact 7 Forms.

Find and optimize your customization of your experience of AMP with the template overrides along with this extremely advanced and user-friendly plugin that has a cover of less than 800 current downloads as it is only 0.5 less in star rating (4.5). I find these descriptions helpful to work on to develop an abundant template and work with other tools respectively.


It has a kind of building its own plugin as you can say like “use it and feel free about it” A user’s work gets completed as they download it and run it as you can discover a compliment for your website under this plugin as it is a bit complicated since nothing works on easy as that simple especially under web development. Taking a look will help you to configure out the requirements if you have any as the list is followed with its confined manual configuration.

It provides assistance for YouTube that has been found only in this tool along with HTTPS types, Google Analytics, GDPR as well as BrightCove broadening its features till JavaScript allows you to add your own customization to your website of AMP.

Provides a certain expandability with functions. Use it and add some icons of social share to your esteemed pages as it is like all under one. Capability of enhancing and converting picture-oriented contents to AMP compliant but less than thousand installs a good tool to be interacted with as it has an automated facility so you don’t have to keep hands on things.

AMP Stories for WordPress

Helps you create an instant loading full screen blogs/contents online in less than seconds. Try this plugin if you want to attract viewers with your brands under stories that are similar to Instagram Stories/IGTV.

Used to insert various kinds of pictures, graphics, video clips and audio files along with some content/text of your own under these stories. If you are ever admiring to create or cook stories, adopt this plugin as it can be used under any webpage and allows you to do so by just filling up a form.

This tool also provides you to attach URL/links to stories that becomes easy for you if they click on it as it redirects people to some kind of webpage that you wanted to make them see. If you need some more kind of management or assistance, use a pro version that joins you all the way until Facebook integration.

All in One SEO Pack

Ideal for developments under sites for beginners and amateurs thus gives benefits under a free or paid service, has users of more than 2 and a half million downloads assures bi-weekly updates considered as the best among all excellent AMP WordPress plugins for several types of fields and businesses. Consists of a large SEO pack with supporting tools all under one plugin.

The free of cost AIOSEO is a full working and expanded plugin that even access other pages for your convenience with some support and apps to serve brands, organizations and individuals. Use a premium if you need much of the advanced SEO tools of plugin, as you try it on you can integrate under WooCommerce and several online platforms making a prior selection for vendors and service providers online.

AMP WooCommerce

An affiliate plugin that also acts as a AMP plugin for WordPress under the category of online selling, tracking and storing as a tool integrates it by default. Helps in creating a page/portal associate transaction and also sort orders systematically those are provided by the system of WordPress under the management category.

An endless and stabilized platform for users as well as beginners to prepare and allot versions of AMP under your page of WooCommerce in the group of stores.

A unique kind of advanced model and durability for users with multi-purpose functionality for all levels of ability from/according to users. It is invented in such a way that it can change a page of the store to a copied version of AMP.

By default, it takes account of all the notifications and specifications mentioned on our main criteria on the WordPress dashboard panel under the heading of options choice.

AMP Supremacy | Accelerated Mobile Pages

The one among the top category considered by users as “the best ” under the site of WordPress that accelerates the action of converting web pages into handy devices directly and joined with the format of AMP. An important ingredient to be clumped while in publishing under sites to be convenient on mobiles in an attractive format. A user-friendly, easy installer and simple modifier/configure with AMP implementation.

It is developed by the creators of the Supremacy Project themselves. Consisting of several utility tools in a wide range to cut, copy and convert your entire suite of pages/sites in WordPress under a format of AMP to view easily or to direct to some other webpages.

It works on your content/works thus changing them to a basic HTML format of script. It can adapt and attach much faster in dedicated servers that hold up your works until lifetime. The load time is reduced as it displays a quick content of AMP as the customer clicks on it showing the whole page.


A preliminary basic platform with advanced features of the plugin created by the Google SEO crafted for any individual without any coding experience also. Try generating your sites as an AMP version by installing this add-on in your system and customize them by adding them to your preferred browser that runs in the background of your WordPress board.

By default, the settings are made from the display of fonts, colors, text and all other styles and options on the sub-headings on your WordPress site of WordPress. This is a tremendous extension that is a huge platform for light/short websites rather than huge platforms that perform high volume of clips and videos. You can enhance up to 300 blogs at the maximum in publishing before you split them in different criteria.

 These lists of plugins are exclusive and updated ones that work perfectly for any kind of version in WordPress sites who hold an account in these sites. You can transform, convert and work extensively with any of the plugins I have listed as they are very flexible with merging with various sites at once.

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