Top 10 Best-Classified AMP Plugins

Best Classified AMP Plugins

Mobile devices have dominated internet traffic since the 20th century, making it crucial for website owners to optimize for slower devices and poor connections. If you’re a WordPress user, fear not! Integrating Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework is a breeze with plugins. Let’s explore how to make your site lightning-fast without delving into HTML. A website’s speed is a key factor in SEO. Hence we have amp.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google-backed framework aiming to slash load times on mobile devices. By eliminating excessive elements, AMP ensures a delightful mobile experience. Slow websites lead to user bounces, but AMP solves this by creating streamlined mobile versions. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on why and how to implement it.

Why Use a WordPress AMP Plugin?

For WordPress websites, AMP plugins are the simplest way to incorporate AMP without the technical hassle. Faster load times translate to improved user experience, lower bounce rates, and higher Google rankings. Let’s dive into the top 10 AMP plugins that will transform your WordPress site.

1. AMP

Perfect for AMP beginners, the official AMP plugin from Google and Automattic is free, popular, and effective. While not the most customizable, it provides useful features like load time issue identification, unused CSS removal, and basic analytics. Choose your AMP template mode and witness a mobile-friendly site effortlessly.

2. AMP for WP

With over 100,000 downloads, AMP for WP is a freemium option offering four designs for AMP websites. Visual customization is key, and the theme Customizer allows extensive changes. Integrating with popular page builders and offering compatibility with various plugins, it’s a powerful option for those willing to invest in customization.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-in-one solution for WordPress site optimization. Modular features allow users to access tools as needed, and the Google AMP integration is free. Simplifying the process, Jetpack enhances mobile UX and offers additional tools for content delivery and performance improvements.


Despite fewer downloads, AMP WP is a straightforward, free tool for WordPress admins. It converts your site to AMP format, allowing customization on which posts and post types to apply it to. With social sharing icons, lightboxes, and SEO improvements, it’s a user-friendly option compatible with the Jetpack plugin.

5. easy AMP

True to its name, easy AMP is a hands-off, free option to convert WordPress websites into AMP-compliant ones. It automatically generates an SSL-encrypted AMP version, compatible with Google Analytics, and includes features like cookie consent notices and seamless YouTube video integration.

6. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

While not enabling AMP, this plugin enhances your site by applying HTML markup to AMP content. Compatible with various schema types, it supports the official AMP plugin and AMP for WP. It’s a must-have for improving your website’s appearance in Google search results.

7. PWA for WP & AMP

This free plugin simplifies the creation of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for WordPress users. With full compatibility with the official AMP plugin and AMP for WP, it enhances performance by installing a service worker for caching. Offline access ensures users can browse your site even without an internet connection.

8. Instantify

For $29, Instantify is a premium plugin that adds AMP, PWA, and Facebook Instant Articles functionality to your site. Consolidating three frameworks into one, enhances speed, shareability, and overall user experience. With additional features like swipe navigation and push notifications, it’s a comprehensive solution.

9. weeblrAMP CE

The WeebblrAMP plugin is a fairly new plugin that goes beyond what other plugins offer by empowering you to create a nearly complete AMP version of your entire site. It also works with other SEO and website tools. Also, the plugin enables you to fully customize the AMP with templates.

10. Ampitup

Ampitup is a plugin for WordPress that can help you load your website much faster than traditional mobile web pages. The plugin allows you to use it to turn your website into a mobile-accelerated version of your website and rank higher in the search results. Once you activate the plugin, it starts working right away.

AMP Up Your Website

AMP has revolutionized mobile-first website design, prioritizing speed for optimal user experience. Experiment with these free and premium WordPress AMP plugins to enhance your site’s traffic, engagement, and conversions. Catering to mobile users is the key to unlocking success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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