Advanced Plugins for WordPress that enhances their Users

Advanced Plugins for WordPress
Advanced Plugins for WordPress
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It is related to WordPress websites; where they are specially written in PHP languages of programming that combine with this search engine for an endless stream of browsing. As an influencer and a user of WordPress I find it more effective to work on this portal especially for creating my contents and also a multi-tasker that works at ease.

There are multiple plugins available especially at the Official WordPress plugin Directory where you can make use of them at free of cost as there are also reviews made at the platform of WPBeginner of the best performing plugin ever. If required, usage of plugin can also be done in commercial purposes that are developed from third server companies and creators.

It can be used in marketing that includes stock market, promoting brands and affiliate marketing as it is a platform to create various events and plans according to a program associated with this affiliate as it proves to be the best.

  • Opting for Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

You need to be cautious while selecting a plugin as it should suit you in the site if your aim is to gain profits and grow higher. Try to switch between affiliates as they may reach various users more than the previous affiliates. It might not be an easy task to move leaving their current affiliates.  Make sure to satisfy your customers and the clients promoting your brand as a change may destroy your whole market or brand.

Have some ideas while choosing a plugin selectively including the tools that are associated so let me give some tips that might help you.

  1. Able to tag and add links to your pages or posts
  2. Categorize your current, previous and upcoming links in your dashboard of WordPress
  3. Work on things that are complex to show them simple as it becomes hassle-free for yourself and the user/affiliate.
  4. Check out for the most outstanding Campaign of affiliate every week so you are updated.
  5. Make connections that can be shared out of referral links who are currently on other media platforms or even artists.

These are some of the basic ideas that might help you out to be punctual in selecting an appropriate plugin so you can continue the benefits that have comforted you earlier.

This is a general idea and the ways to adopt to maintain your brand/market in a suitable position so you don’t lose any products or outcomes in a failure. So let us know further about every affiliate and how it connects a merchant and a consumer also using commercial people for promoting them. 

  • Types of Plug-ins

1.Pretty Links

Pretty Links

One of the popularized and recognized links generally for affiliates that holds the position of being best always. It shortens unwanted and lengthy codes of brands into a simple tiny piece where it attracts the users as well as visitors also. It enables you to add tags to your brands just in seconds.

It allows you to access but needs to be paid ($59/year) and a friendly link for the general beginners from the WordPress.

Pretty Links

It has a simple intelligence that keeps a check of the current happenings about your links up to date associated with a tool that helps you to advertise your pages (PrettyBar).

2.Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate

The name itself is totally understood that it’s links are even simpler than the first one. A fascinating plugin from the developer of Pretty Links. They work as a team when combined to produce perfection and help to develop a deep program of affiliate with simple links that can be memorized along with programs.

Easy Affiliate

Can be understood by new users easily as its dashboard helps you to track external links and a friendly setup that just requires installation to access its facilities to build a complete working affiliate for the WordPress web portal.

Comes with an enormous visualization of graphs in data that can be modified and allows us to view the payments, sold ones and clicks made. Utilize its facility in $99.50/year that even makes you manage online transactions from PayPal which is a single-time mode of payment.



This plugin has a special feature of Google Analytics as the simplest path for all marketers especially in this affiliate field. It is the best on the list of affiliates included in WordPress plugins as it comes with a link of affiliate that can track down depth reports and the campaigns are working on this affiliate field.


It is appreciable for its compatibility as you can link this account with other plug-ins easily and provides a report of highest earnings posts and the repeated profitable sources that has an access to dashboard in a simple way to clear concepts for people newbie to these analytics.

As it costs nearly $100 per year followed by a pro version that rates to $200 per year approximately.

4.Thirsty affiliates

Thirsty affiliates

This holds the fourth position for the plug-ins, a solution for managing the personal affiliates. This can be considered as a good choice as it uses categories to prefer your links and being prior for the campaigns. It is associated with a good reason of being popular as you can add pictures and banners to your images with links or just links.

Thirsty affiliates

 This is considered to be cheaper from the above categories as it is just $49 for a lifetime.

Has a facility of replacing keywords assigned with links on its own as an automatic. It views the graphs and statistics on your referral links by the clicks including campaigns.



A tool that is exclusively made for affiliate marketing in WordPress. A quick working plugin that has tons of useful utilities that are simple and very light for devices to manage and run faster as it is also friendly for beginners that manages campaigns, ads on your WordPress dashboard making it very diligent for users. Make sure you insert your own or some banners from your partners into posts and widgets which have to be paid 49 dollars to access it.


6.Easy Azon

Easy Azon

A best platform for making money in WordPress through Amazon as an affiliate marketer. You can add links of Amazon affiliates to your posts and brands without visiting their site. Also has a feature of button to be used in your link associated with linking of depth programs to make them short and professional in look. Also has the detector to find the location of visitors from where they approach you. This is $47 for lifetime.

Easy Azon



Managing the links of affiliates is quite easy in this plugin as it works even more efficiently when used with the coupon plugin for WordPress in affiliate. You can extend abilities by selecting add-ons given. Guess your affiliate campaigns with a single view of reports and graphs in real time also connecting multiple tools including WPForms (The best contact plugin in the world). Which rates at $99/year to utilize its features.


8.Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

A good choice to be considered if your mentality is looking for a management plugin of WordPress with advanced features helps marketers by a support center and video tutorials done by robust online documentation, available at the cost of $59 for lifetime. Helps to add your own money if you don’t have it as it shows a way to use a less popular currency.

9.ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

An intensive plugin that is free of cost above all the plugins where you need to download but to work on the full perks you require a premium plan. Has technical support all day and hours so to get help anytime associated with millions of customers and get an idea of using your dashboard with campaigns and data reporting.

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

10.Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager

An excellent place to work on if your thought of making money is going to be through referrals in WordPress site. Helps you to track and transact your co-partner in this marketing via the WordPress platform.

 You can predict and track the sales and the clicks of referral from the account in real time. This is the one among all that provides all its services at free of cost without any subscriptions for advanced features or specialized tools.

Affiliates Manager

These plug-ins will help you to track, transact, pay and promote your links or posts via your partner affiliates or by yourself hence making it easier for the visitors to view your brands and promote them as well as creating campaigns that will be helpful for peer affiliates in using them. These are very simple links that provide various features separately so choose wise before opting for one.

Advanced Plugins for WordPress

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