8 Ways To Secure iPhone and MacBook Device In 2021

secure iPhone and MacBook

Right now, are you chatting with someone? Or maybe clicking selfies? Perhaps listening to music? But someone may take a peek into your data or track you or sell your information on the dark web, and you don’t even know. And can help you make sure that your iPhone and MacBook are secure and free of any apps that might be leaking your data.

For now, we have got 8 simple ways for you to secure iPhone and other Apple devices from hackers. You have to tweak your iPhone settings like we have shown below like the find my phone feature. These are common Apple settings that you can also find in other Apple devices like the MacBook settings option. 

Yeah, iOS has indeed beaten its mobile competitors Android, Blackberry, Windows in terms of security. But any secure Operating System can fail if the user is not careful with their Apple device settings like iPhone settings or MacBook settings.

Don’t worry. This article will guide you to take proper steps to secure your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even MacBook in some cases.

1. Set Up A Secure Passcode for an iPhone or MacBook

Stop other users from viewing your data by just swiping off the screen and make a random passcode that is difficult to crack, not like 0000, which can be broken within milliseconds using brute force. So always go for an alphanumeric password with longer length or use a passphrase. As the more the combinations, the more time it will take to crack.

How to do it?

Steps :

  • Go to Touch ID & passcode
  • Tap turn passcode on
  • Then enter a six-digit passcode
  • enter your passcode and confirm it

2. Update macOS and iOS regularly to secure them-

Updating the OS is necessary as there may be chances of some loopholes or flaws in the old version that may compromise with the privacy. You can also find this in MacBook settings tab.

Check iPhone settings, MacBook settings and Apple Settings

How to do it?

Steps :

  • Go to settings
  • General 
  • Tap on a Software update

3. Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure iPhone-

There may be chances that your Apple ID may be hacked by someone. The guy will get access to all sensitive data, even your credit or debit card details, from which he can also make you bankrupt. To prevent this, always enable the 2FA feature, which adds an extra layer of security by providing data viewing only to the devices permitted by you.

Enable in iPhone settings, MacBook settings and Apple Settings

How to do it?


  • Go to settings 
  • then on your name, password security
  • Tap turn on 2 FA
  • Tap continue

4. Stop Giving Unnecessary Permissions to secure iPhone and MacBook

Whenever we install any app, we overlook the authorities and grant them every consent. Let’s take an example of an offline video player app asking for my GPS location. Does it make sense? Accidentally maybe you have done this. Don’t worry. You can still change the app’s permission anytime.

iPhone Settings Tab
iPhone Settings Tab

How to do it?


  • Go to settings
  • Tap privacy
  • Tap on any app
  • Change the permission of that app

5. Use the App Store For Downloading Apps

Never download apps from websites instead of the app store. Otherwise, many malware apps may sneak into your ios device. Making your device insecure to use, who knows the guy has accessed your front camera & is watching you all day.

So creepy right? It’s preferred to download the apps from the app store.

How to do it?


  • Go to the app store
  • Search your app & download it

6. Activate Find My Phone feature to Secure iPhone-

Find my iOS (iPhone,iPad,iPod) comes handy when someone has stolen, or you have lost your device. You can locate, play a sound, erase data, lock the device using icloud.com

Find my phone
Find my phone feature

How to do it?


  • Go to settings
  • Tap on your name then iCloud
  • Tap on find my iOS (iPhone, iPad,iPod)
  • Enable it

7. Turn Off Lock Screen Notifications

Notifications popping up on lock screen can be incredibly convenient until unless there are some private messages or name of the contact. It’s better to stop it, right?

Option Present in Apple Settings

How to do it?


  • Go to settings 
  • Tap on notifications
  • Tap on the app
  • In the alerts section tap on lock screen blue tick 

8. Turn Off Siri From The Lock Screen

Every iOS device has Siri, a virtual assistant that follows all your commands, whether you’re looking for some weather reports, Jimi Hendrix songs. It’s even accessible when the phone is locked.

But there are some bugs in Siri which allow it to display the private data to any users if asked. So stop it, Siri, from getting access on the lock screen

How to do it?


  • Go to settings
  • Go to Siri settings
  • Turn off access when locked

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