10 Tips to be safe online from hackers

how to safe online from hackers

As the new year approaches new hacks and viruses start spawning up as well. So we have decided to give you a heads up when it comes to security in beginning your new year. You can stay safe online from hackers with a few easy steps and precautions. It doesn’t matter which device you are using.

Denying that you’re a possible target

You’ve most likely already dismissed this chance of you being a target with the possibilities being slim to none. In terms of the hacks and malware, you tend to forget that they impact everyday people as well. Your password will be leaked or you might just get hacked if you use a new malware. All of those are possibilities that you need to be aware of in order to be safe online

anonymous- Always Stay Safe from hackers

Receiving spam has to turn into a part of our life on a regular basis life. Generally, it’s only an innocent advert, however, from time to time, it may be something extra sinister. You would possibly get an e-mail coaxing you to click on on a suspicious link or a website to say a prize you’ve received. Or a proposal that sounds too good to pass up would possibly seem in an advert. Regardless of the link. Always be careful while clicking on links and downloading apps.

Failing to patch and get updates

Is your laptop nagging you for the umpteenth time to update? Maybe you haven’t updated the most recent patch in your smartphone’s OS. Most hacks are easily patched. Companies like Google Microsoft and apple make sure to patch their operating systems.

It can most likely prevent a headache in the long term. Not patched system results in notorious WannaCry malware.

Revise Your Passwords To Stay Safe Online From Hackers-

To simplify the tedious activity of memorizing passwords, many folks resort to reusing your same passwords. Because of this if a hacker breaks one password he gets access to many others, they reuse the identical password or passphrase, maybe with some minor variations.

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Always Utilize 2FA-

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also referred to as multifactor authentication (MFA), is a straightforward approach so as to add an additional layer of safety for your accounts and profiles as well as your data. You can always use an authenticator software or a device. The most commonly used is your phone device to receive OTPs (one-time passwords).

Using this can save you a lot of headaches. Make sure you set it up.

Always Setup Your Router Correctly-

In terms of connectivity, the router is the guts of your internet property. All your devices are connected via wifi be it your smart TV, smartphone, laptop or tablet. For comfort’s sake, many people simply use the default settings putting which may not be the best.

Default passwords are the number 1 reason for your network being compromised.

Avoid using Unsecured Public Wi-Fi

Most locations like cafes, eating places, and even retailers provide complimentary Wi-Fi service which many people use. As handy as such free wifi connections are, you need to be cautious about what you connect with. An unsecured public Wi-Fi can result in your personal information being disclosed which is a bad idea no matter how you look at it.

Always Use VPN Services

VPNs provide the much-needed privacy you need for being safe online. However many people trust free VPNs which are generally not safe simply because they have no obligation to protect your data and privacy. When you get something for free you are the product. So always prefer a paid VPN like Nord VPN which serves as a good security measure along with a speedy internet VPN.

Never Skip on Antivirus

The web is useful too, no doubt there, however, the internet is full of dark and malicious stuff as well. Being lazy and cheap while buying antivirus software is never a good idea. Malicious links, software applications, etc result in malicious code making its way to your laptop. The antivirus software gives a number of layers that may cease these threats of their tracks and protect your device security. Prevention is the mother of safety;

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Always Opt for Backup & Encryption

If your laptop is stolen or it kicks the can, having a backup and encryption set in place is useful and can help save you a lot of headaches from happening. For those who get hacked, the hacker will find it very difficult to access your information; in case your system gets stolen, you could have an additional layer of safety in place and you can also remotely delete the data to keep you safe.

Google Cloud Storage- Best way to stay Safe from Hackers

Hopefully, these 10 tips will help you be safe in 2021

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